Oh, how we love sneak peeks and “Grey's Anatomy” spoilers have never disappointed the viewers. So, what will the fans see in the upcoming episode of the hit TV series this week?

The drooling feeling of peeking into a hole in search of something that heightens your interest that is the feeling that the upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13 episode will bring to the audience. The next episode which will be airing on May 11 entitled “True Colour” will be starting with an intriguing story of “Patients went."

As per new reports, Edwards has gone M.I.A and has reportedly been calling code orange in the new episode of "Grey's Anatomy." Speculations are also making rounds that there will be a lot of dangerous happenings in the next episode.

It seems like the producers of the show wants to see if the thrilling drama can keep the audience tucked on their couch.

“Grey’s Anatomy” gets more traumatizing in Season 13

In the meantime, Jackson will be seen looking for Stephanie, and a frame shot showed her wheeling a patient down the hallway telling him “Let us get you out of here.” In the next scene, she will be seen held hostage by the patient. The producers of the hit TV show seem to want to keep the thrill going for so ling. The good thing is that the upcoming episodes will make the story clear once it has been aired.

Another spoiler states that Meredith will be inviting Nathan over for a romantic dinner, but Nathan might decline the invitation.

Fans are now wondering what will happen between the two characters as their relationship starts to blossom in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Will Edwards die in the next episode?

Now due to this sneak peak, a lot of viewers are speculating that Edwards is going to die. It is like this show to kill off characters unexpectedly. With its 12 year reign in television, a lot of tragedies have already passed by, and it never became an issue because the story that unfolds after every demise is what matters to the viewers.

Some people think that Hinton’s farewell in the TV series could be a blessing in disguise because she has an upcoming show with HBO with Allan Ball, who is an exceptional writer, director, producer for television, film and theater shows.

Watch out for the “Grey’s Anatomy” episode 23 which will be airing on May 11 at 8 pm Eastern on ABC and let Shonda Rhimes tickle your brains and keep you on your toes. Stay tuned for more updates about the hit TV show here.