Benzino and Althea Heart have been through quite a bit already and it looks like he wants to get back together and try to make it all right. TMZ caught up to Benzino and Althea outside of Catch on Sunday night, which is interesting because just last year, she put a restraining order out to keep him away. Anyway, now Benzino is begging Althea to take him back and it looks like she might even consider it.


Are Benzino and Althea back together?

When TMZ ran into Benzino and Althea, they reported that it looked like the former "LHHATL" couple showed up together and they also reported that the two left together as well. That's pretty shocking considering that in July 2016, Althea was thrown in jail for 10 days for civil contempt after an altercation with Benzino. It was during a court hearing earlier that day that Althea asked a judge to grant a Temporary Restraining Order to keep her ex away from her.


Althea was also ordered to leave Benzino alone and have no contact.

It was during a court hearing earlier that day that Althea asked a judge to grant a temporary restraining order to keep her ex away from her. Althea was also ordered to leave Benzino alone and have no contact. Apparently, there has been contact because the two are looking very coupled up lately.

Althea put Benzino on blast, demands more diamonds

While it looks like Althea Heart probably already reconciled with her baby daddy Benzino, she has a huge request that he has to fulfill in order for her to extend any sort of forgiveness.

Althea is talking about diamonds, the bigger and sparklier they are, the better. Benzino even said that he already gave her one ring as an apology but Althea said that she's waiting on another one.

After all, Benzino admits that he did "mess up" and cheated on Althea while they were together. During the interaction with TMZ, it sounds like Benzino feels like he messed up by getting caught and not for the actual cheating itself. Maybe Althea should take note of that in case she does agree to let him back into her life.

Why reconcile now?

Earlier this month, Benzino was put on blast by another woman who claimed that he cheated on her while they were together. Malaya Gazell posted a picture of herself and Benzino on Instagram on May 3 and accused him of texting another woman. Malayla, whose Instagram has since gone private, claimed that she had been dating Benzino for two years and that for the last three months, he had been living with her.


On the other hand, Althea Heart has seen a good bit of drama recently too. As Blasting News recently reported, there have been reports that Althea made up with Joseline Hernandez, whom she fought with viciously on Season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." Apparently, they were getting along so well that she and Joseline were sharing a house together. It's unclear if they still do or if they resolved their issues but things reportedly got real ugly when Joseline had her makeup artist over to do some work and cook up some food.


It got real heated when Althea went off about the food, according to the report. She had supposedly been buying all the groceries and wasn't thrilled to come home and find a near-stranger in her home, cooking up her groceries.

Should Benzino and Althea Heart reconcile after all the drama they went through? Sound off in the comments section below.

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