“Fairy Tail” chapter 531, which is scheduled for release in this week’s edition of Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump on April 19, provided details on the real power of the time lapse and how its existence gave Anna Heartfilia and Zeref, the masterminds behind the 400-year plot to kill Acnologia, contradicting purposes.

Summary of 'Fairy Tail' 531: Pegasus vs. Dark Dragon

After explaining to Wendy, Jellal, and Ezra the nature of the time-lapse, Anna Heartfilia ordered the crew of the Bombarding magic ship Christina to head into the location of the tangerine-sized blackhole.

The plan was to bypass the timelapse without touching it, and at the same time, set a trap for trailing Acnologia.

Unfortunately, despite Hibiki’s accurate calculations of its coordinates and Anna’s hypothesis that the time-lapse would suck Acnologia into a never-ending void, their plan did not materialize as the Dark Dragon easily passed through it. Now, they found themselves in a desperate situation with Acnologia’s claws firmly entrenched into Christina’s hull. To make things worse, Anna found out that the timelapse had already vanished.

At the Fairy Tail Guild House, Zeref finally revealed to Natsu the reason why he wanted the Fairy Heart The elder Dragneel told his brother that his plan was to reset time, using the body of Mavis and the time-lapse.

The Black Wizard also admitted that he purposely sealed the time-lapse temporarily until the completion of his Neo Eclipse masterplan.

“The time-lapse, it is overflowing with time’s magic power and the magical power of time is mine. That’s why I sealed it until the neo eclipse is finished,” Zeref told Natsu.

Back at Christina, the crew somehow found a way to break free from Acnologia’s grasp.

However, Anna was aware the Dragon would tirelessly pursue the Dragon Slayer (Wendy) aboard the ship unless they undo the seal on the timelapse by force.

At the park, Lucy learned more information about Natsu’s true identity when she opened the Book of END. Also, Mavis had finally stepped in to confront Zeref, but both were greeted by Natsu’s fire-breathing dragon transformation.

Preview of 'Fairy Tail' Chapter 532: Love Can No Longer Be Seen

The next “Fairy Tail” issue could feature the much-awaited confrontation between former lovers Zeref and Mavis. While Chapter 531 focuses on Anna Heartfilia and Zeref’s different purpose of using the time-lapse, chapter 532 could tackle on the similarities that bonded the first Fairy Tail master and the Black Magician at some point in their lives.