I saw "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2" yesterday evening, and I was not disappointed. Marvel really pulled through on this movie and I walked out of the theater without wanting my money back. This movie is fresh, exciting, unique, and, just as the first one was, quirky in all the right ways. Chris Pratt no doubt had a stellar part to play in this film as well as the rest of the crew. If I had to say one thing about this movie, it's that it was "the greatest sitcom I've ever seen in theaters." Now, don't get me wrong, that statement is not at all a negative view of the film.

It describes the movie perfectly; and more than you would think.

A Sci-Fi sitcom

I call this film a sitcom because the conflicts the gang faces in it are essentially those of a sitcom. We have small social conflicts between friends, family, and enemies. The story starts out with the gang protecting an immense source of power from an inter-dimensional monster. After Drax single-handedly defeats it, the group of misfits goes to collect their reward. Rocket Racoon steals some of the power from the people that payed them and the Guardians are then hunted down by the race known as The Enclave, the same race to hire them. They are saved by some unknown figure, and crash on a forest planet.

The plot thickens

There is then a montage of the 5 friends arguing and bickering over Rocket stealing some batteries that they were protecting. Essentially, this is where the sitcom bit comes forward in that everyone loves and hates each other and the whole conflict explodes for our enjoyment. The figure that saved them earlier, Ego, comes by claiming to be Quill's (Chris Pratt's) father.

He, Gamora, and Drax step foot onto Ego's ship, leaving Rocket and Groot behind to repair their severely damaged ship. Eventually, Rocket and Groot are apprehended by a third party hired by The Enclave and made prisoners on a ship. Quill eventually learns the ugly truth surrounding his father, and kills him with the help of his friends.

Final notes

I left out a lot of details to not completely ruin the movie. However, this film plays out like an entire season of a sitcom. The beginning (re)-introduces you to the characters, hinting at some major flaws in a few of them. Then, some independent oddity is presented to them, and they all act in the best interest of the person most affected by it (in this case, Quill). They give their love and support to each other, sometimes in violent ways. Friends and enemies are made along the way and, in the end, everyone figures out how to work together. There's character development, and there's also some laughs, around every corner.

So, hop into a theater near you and check out "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2." Even if you haven't seen the first one, it's a fun and enjoyable ride for everyone.