The Met Gala is one of the most talked about event among Hollywood celebrities, and while the rich and famous usually wear some of the most unique apparels in an effort to upstage each other, this year Kendall Jenner took the coveted prize. Jenner turned heads at the 2017 Red Carpet event in a one of a kind gown. Two days ago, she posted several photos of her dress on her Instagram account. On the post, she also acknowledged that she knew her buttocks could be seen through the sheer gown.

Jenner shows off fabulous physique in non-fabric dress

The 21-year-old supermodel shows off her fabulous physique in the nearly naked slinky La Perla Haute Couture gown.

The one of a kind apparel was designed by Julia Haart, who said she created the non-fabric garment with 85,000 hand-painted crystals. Reportedly, it took the designer and her 26 assistants 160 hours of hard labor to create the eye-popping sheer mesh ensemble.

Jenner is a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that are renowned for pushing the boundaries. And the ambassador of La Perla brand did not hold back when she wore the gown over a tiny pair of thong showing off her well-toned gluteus maximus. The cut-out on the gown left little to the imagination as the model turns heads at the star-studded event.

Dress made with a single thread and 85,000 crystals

Haart, who lives in Tokyo said the inspiration for the dress came from the un-fabric concept by Rei Kawakubo.

Its creator envisioned the idea to create movements out of immobile materials. To get the fabulous gown from an idea to reality, the designer affixed a variety of stones to a single thread in order to create a liquid suspension that mirrors the qualities of fine silk.

And while her younger sister Kylie had been doing well with her new makeup line, Kendall has been under a lot of fire.

The model was featured in a Pepsi commercial that was pulled after numerous backlash because of the portrayed concept. She was also slammed for a Fyre festival debacle that cost the festival's organizers to lose thousands of dollars for the disastrous weekend.

Undoubtedly, Jenner used the 2017 Met Gala event as a comeback after the start of a disastrous new year.

Her fans had always appreciated her sense of style and this was evident after she shared a cute picture with them on SnapChat. Jenner posted the photo of her getting ready just a few minutes before she stepped out on the red carpet. Kim Kardashian's younger sister opted for smokey eye colors and enhanced her look with a bold color lipstick.