The John Lee Miller series, "Elementary" Season 6 has been confirmed by CBS during its renewal announcement. With season 5 ending its airing tonight, viewers are starting to be curious on when will the next season be launched.

In the previous reports, CBS has ordered thirteen new episodes for the series, and it looks as if, it is way shorter than the previous season which has 24. Nonetheless, it is still good to know that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson will still have another season to spend time together.

Season 6 pickup to air this year

One of the much-awaited news is for CBS to confirm the final airing date of "Elementary" sixth installment.

Apparently, the future of John Lee Miller TV series is still a bit unclear to when it will finally return on TV. Many suspect that the series will be included in the fall schedule, but unfortunately, the show was not part of the timetable.

However, there are also speculations that the series will air on these tentative dates; September 24, October 1, and or October 8. Meanwhile, fans still need to wait whether these dates will apply.

Further, it is also safe to say that "Elementary" season 6 will be premiered as long as fall TV shows will perform well. If it happens so, then most likely, the sixth installment will return to TV by March. In this case, there is also another chance for the episode order to be extended. Rest assured that the series production will be exploring more on the story of Holmes and Dr.


CBS reduced season 6 episode count

Leslie Monves, the CBS Corporation CEO, added that they decided to reduce the episode count for the upcoming "Elementary" season 6. Apparently, the sixth franchise will only have 13 which will be way shorter from season 5 which has 24. Further, Monves revealed that they chose to make it shorter since some episode repeats are not working well.

She also added that it would be best for the series to have original episodes all the way through since they found out that most of these episodes are doing well on Wednesday nights. Further, CBS also confirmed that the series would return in the midseason period which were also the common speculations before.

Despite the shorter episode count this season 6, fans are most likely to expect that "Elementary" season 7 will have a longer one.

For the meantime, all these viewers can still look forward to the dramatic season 5 finale which will feature Holmes and Dr. Watson in the middle of a gang war.

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