If “Clash Royale” is characterized by something, it is by its capacity of renewal. New re-balances are constantly introduced in the game by adjusting the power of the units, new cards and changes of all kinds to make the experience much more dynamic. A new interesting change in the game is the Healing Card, a spell that is now available. This new change has been introduced through a special challenge, and is now finally available to everyone. The spell is especially useful in some strategies, although in order to take advantage of its usefulness you may need to adapt the way you play.

In addition to how to get the healing spell in “clash royale”, we are going to give you some new tricks to use it. Let’s see below everything you may know about this new improvements and how to take the best when playing the game.

How to get the new Healing Letter?

To be able to enjoy this spell in your deck, you must first get to Arena 10. As you probably know, the non-common cards are unlocked as you overcome the various sands, a good way to make the game play change every few moments and force it to reinvent the players.

Once you reach Level 10, it can appear free in any safe. Of course, it does not appear as often as other units of lower value. There is also another fast track to winning this “Clash Royale” card, although it's not free because it costs gems.

The price of the Healing Spell is 100 cures per 200 gems if you take advantage of Super cell’s special offer.

When it is finished, it will cost 20 coins like any other special card. It is already known that gems are the premium object and they cost real money, although there are ways to get gems without having to spend your money.

How does the Healing Spell work?

What makes this Letter especially interesting is that it can heal and restore the lives of several units at the same time. That is to say, if you attack with four of them to the enemy tower and you cast the spell on the Arena, your troops will not receive practically damage during the time that its effect is working.

Additional information

It is good to noting that the ability to restore health points lasts only three seconds, during which your units receive a life injection every 0.5 seconds. This means that they receive a total of seven cures, more than enough to unbalance the game in your favor.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.