Fans of "Chicago Med" had been warned that something terrible was going to happen on last night's finale. When nothing that bad had happened with one minute left, viewers were about to take a deep breath thinking that the episode didn't have anything terrible in it after all. Then it happened.

Most people thought the sad news would have something to do with Robin Charles who was having a mental breakdown. During last week's episode, she had locked herself on the balcony and it looked like she might jump to her death. However, that didn't happen.

Robin was admitted to the hospital where her father, Dr. Daniel Charles, a psychiatrist, diagnosed her condition. Afterward, a tumor was removed that had been causing her to hallucinate. It was touch and go with Robin, and Dr. Charles spent the entire day being busy with her and her situation. The other doctors and staff were also busy with other patients in the hospital that they did not notice that there was a potential danger in their midst.

Sad news

Dr. Charles was so concerned about his daughter's condition all day long that he was unable to see one of his former psych patients who waited in the hospital all day to see him. The man tried on several occasions to speak with the psychiatrist, but he was told Dr.

Charles had a family emergency and could not see him.

At the end of the episode, the doctor was relieved that his daughter had come through the surgery and would be able to live a normal life. At the end of the day, the psychiatrist left to go home and was confronted by the angry man outside the hospital who took out a gun and shot the doctor in his chest.

Then he put the gun to his own head and shot himself. Both men were on the ground as the credits began to roll. However, viewers were able to see people running to the scene.

Happy news

Fans of the show did not know whether "Chicago Med" would return for another season. NBC gave the green light for the show in the Chicago franchise to be renewed for a third season.

Therefore, viewers will see in the fall if Dr. Charles survived.

"Chicago Med" was behind Dick Wolf's other shows except the newest one, "Chicago Justice." This season, "Chicago Med" had an average of 9.3 million viewers while "Chicago Fire" averaged the most with 9.8 million viewers and "Chicago PD" averaged 8.2 million viewers.

Did you watch "Chicago Med" this season? If so, did you suspect what the tragedy would be after the episode had been advertised to have some sad news? Do you think Dr. Charles will survive and be a patient when the series returns next season?