Cher in a Thong meant so many different things to so many different people when she made her appearance at the Billboard Awards this week in an outfit many believed was too risque for a woman of 21, never mind a woman of 71. But this 71-year-old woman is not your typical elderly person, she is Cher, and she has "Turned Back Time" in both her song and her appearance.

There's no denying that Cher looked marvelous for a woman of 30, never mind a woman in her 70s, but she would have looked just as wonderful in an outfit that wasn't so revealing. According to an article from the Inquisitr, Cher got her chance to talk after receiving her Billboard Icon Award, which was presented to her by Gwen Stefani.

Cher was quick to let the audience know that she just celebrated her 71st birthday the day before. This is when she revealed that she could do a 5-minute plank, which drew applause and laughter from the crowd at the awards.

Great shape

Many of the comments that popped up on social media sites gave kudos to Cher for being in such great shape. Some noted how Cher was in better shape than many women half her age. Then there were others who thought that no matter how good she looked, at 71, coming out in a thong was just not appropriate.

No modesty

Some noted that anyone coming out in a thong is just over the edge when it comes to modesty, which some suggested Cher should have at her age. In the comment section of an article from the Inquisitr, one person noted that just because Cher can wear a thong at her age, it doesn't mean she should.

Dressing age-appropriate

Camille Latella wrote, "no morals or self-respect," and others agreed with her critique. Zaida M. Sanchez wrote in response to Camille's comment, "My words exactly...I Love Cher ...and although she's in excellent shape...dress age appropriate."

Cher coming out on stage in a thong and nipple pasties was a jaw-dropping sight, especially when it sinks in that you are looking at someone almost a decade over the retirement age in this country.

She has been doing this for years, and with each decade the age factor seems to drift into the topic of the appropriateness of her costumes.

Quit the hating

Others defended Cher, like Angie Brown, who asked everyone to "quit the hating." She would like to see women build other women up, instead of tearing them down with nasty comments.

Some may have been jealous, while others sounded a bit more grounded in the reality that looking sexy doesn't necessarily mean showing all the skin you can get away with.

Still, others thought the word "sexy" just didn't seem to cut it for a woman of 71. That ship has sailed no matter how well you have glued yourself together. The nip and tuck questions of plastic surgery were also abundant, with many believing that there's no amount of exercise that can make you look the way Cher does at her age.

Should Cher continue showing as much as she does as long as it's all nicely put in place, or should she develop some modesty in her old age?