Charlie Sheen claims he has rallied all the original "Major League" troops and they are all on board to reunite for a "Major League 3" film, that is just as soon as Charlie finds someone to back the film financially.

Charlie Sheen needs cash backer for 'Major League 3' film project.

"Major League" fans are thrilled to hear that the cast are all eager to get back together on the baseball field and "Play Ball" once again! According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen, who plays "Wild Thing" Ricky Vaughn spilled the beans revealing the film is in the works, he just has to come up with some "Major Leauge" dough to get the ball rolling.

'Wild Thing' Charlie Sheen eager to return to big screen.

The film also features celebrity stars Margaret Whitton, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Berenger, Bob Uecker and Wesley Snipes. Sheen also reveals that right now "Major League 3" is the main project and he is very excited to put the last piece of the puzzle in and get started.

Charlie, 51, who announced publicly in 2015 that he had Aids also shared that he was feeling very good these days. As previously reported, in April it was claimed that Charlie Sheen's parents were making one last futile attempt to save Charlie's life by helping him once again attempt to get Clean And Sober.

April reports claimed that Charlie was set up in a secret medical detox session at his parents Malibu mansion. Have to admit from Charlie's most recent photographs that it appears to have worked out well, we just hope Charlie can busy himself with this new film project and steer clear of the drugs and booze.

Charlie last made news headlines earlier this month after his private plane, which was returning from Mexico to Los Angeles was forced to land by federal drug agents for inspection. Drug dogs got a bit antsy and after an extensive search of the plane, bags and all occupants federal agents came up empty.

Some fans, though remaining spectacle due to Sheen's long and public past with substance abuse issues are taking this latest incident in faith that perhaps Charlie has finally seen the error of his ways and really does want to remain sober, not only for his parents but for himself.

However, it will remain a daily and constant battle for the actor, then again tougher battles have been won.

Name and point "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr., who, cleaned up remarkably well following many years of drug and alcohol abuse and a rather lengthy jail sentence.

It would be great to finally see Charlie on the straight and narrow. Do you believe Charlie Sheen is clean now or is he just doing a better job of hiding his crazy from the public?

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