Marvel comics revealed in 2016 that Tony Stark is about to say goodbye to his famous red suit as Iron Man that might be seen in “Iron Man 4.” However, it has been said the superhero will be replaced by a 15-year-old black girl named Riri Williams and just like the philanthropist, she is an MIT genius.

However, the young girl won’t be called as Iron Woman like everyone thinks, but Ironheart. The comic book writer explained that naming her with the girl version of Iron Man’s name is way too old fashion.

Robert Downey Jr. to be replaced by a young black girl

There are swirling rumors that Robert Downey Jr. is going to leave his iconic role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, fans might see Ironheart take the role in the much-awaited “Iron Man 4.” In fact, viewers already saw a glimpse of her wearing the iron suit in a fan-made trailer by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The video is made for the school’s Pi Day in its effort to announce the students who will be admitted to its program. It shows how Williams becomes Ironheart while she is creating the iconic iron suit inside her dorm.

MIT’s dean of admissions and student financial services Stu Schmill revealed that it has come to their understanding that Stark is actually a student at MIT.

“Marvel uses MIT in their comic, so we figured, given we are MIT, it would be ok,” he said (via The Boston Globe).

The end of an iconic hero

In the comic version of “Iron-Man,” Williams will catch the attention of Stark when he learned that she had built her own iron suit alone. The MIT trailer might hint the coming of the young black girl in “Iron Man 4” where the iconic superhero might pass the crown to her.

It has been said that Downey Jr. is still busy filming his stint for the coming “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and the much-awaited “Avengers: Infinity War 1 and 2.” The “Sherlock Holmes” then teased that he could still do “Iron Man 4” after his errands with these movies.

This might be the best time that Stark is going to pass the iconic role to Williams, who will be Ironheart. Iron Man might just do what Wolverine had done to X-23 in the movie “Logan.”