After all, the applause and excitement wear off, and elite brawlers come face to face with retirement and a more day-to-day life, they endure a sense of loss -- it's almost like a death. Fighters know themselves as warriors, that is their identity. There's always one or two more titles inside and competing at the highest level gives fighters a sense of achievement that is very rewarding. Some professional athletes return after retirement because they need the livelihood and have no other way to make money in a short period.

The end for combat competition starts to pop-up

After retirement, champions start hinting at a comeback, and the deep struggle with stepping away from the sport becomes unimaginable. For UFC Fighters, their whole life has been dedicated toward athletic excellence -- to improve their physical, technical and strategic abilities. And competing inside the octagon has given them an excellent feeling of accomplishment, but with age, there’s an increased risk of injury, and their fitness and conditioning can no longer keep up with younger athletes. Fighters by nature are mentally tough individuals and are often perceived by the public to be fitter and healthier than others. It is this stereotyping that tricks older athletes to continue in the sport.

Some pro athletes are not well prepared to handle their finances

All UFC fighters are not signing million dollar contracts. Unless they've made good investments and have the right people around them, money isn't going to last long. Sports Illustrated published an alarming study on the financial health of retired MMA athletes.

The magazine found that some fighters were in financial distress within two years of retirement and others were broke within five years of hanging up their gloves. The fighters made bad investments or squandered most of their money. Unfortunately, some older fighters need to come back from retirement to try and make ends meet.

Elite UFC fighters train extensively for years for the majority of their career, often making big personal and financial sacrifices to pursue their dreams. Retirement is something that they dot want to think about. However, all athletes’ careers will eventually come to a close.