The UFC’s ongoing problems with big events will most likely continue after UFC 223 in New York City. Adding fuel to the fire, McGregor has shown very little respect for the MMA organization. The cocky Irishman does anything to boost his image and knows that he has a lot of star power, Bloody Elbow reported. Mcgregor generates a ton of cash for the UFC and fans will definitely pay to watch someone they love to hate! After making $100 million in a single night boxing Mayweather, he continues to be relevant in the media due to questionable behavior.

"The Notorious" pushed a referee at Bellator 187 in Dublin and got into a bar fight with gangsters who later put a $1 million bounty on his head. Most recently, Mcgregor didn’t like the announcement that the UFC president was stripping him of the 155-pound belt to give it to the winner of the featherweight match in New York, so Conor responded on Twitter with profanity. A couple of days later, the Irishman and his entourage went crazy at the Barclays Center and attacked a bus leaving the arena with several UFC fighters inside -- the NYPD arrested Conor McGregor soon after.

The superstar has some serious choices to make this year

No one can deny Conor is good for business and his stock is red hot right now.

All types of companies want a piece of the action and there are several willing fighters in the 155-pound weight class who would love to face the king. McGregor versus Diaz number three is probably the biggest money fight on the table. Khabib against Conor is the fight hardcore fans want to see and with him having a lot of followers on social media, battling the Russian is lucrative.

Watching the "Notorious" face "The Eagle" would be great. Both of them are creative and talented inside the octagon. Conor McGregor can pick whoever he wants.

The 'Notorious' is taking juvenile antics too far

Conor McGregor along with his cronies smashed a bus window with a chair and a bike rack.

While doing Media responsibilities, the Barclays Center in New York city had to call the police. EMS was notified also and the first responder's treated twenty-five UFC male fighters with injuries. It's hard to believe that McGregor would call the UFC organization a bunch of "c*nts" in public, MMA Junkie cited. Obviously, Conor thinks he can do whatever he feels like. The Irishman seems to be out of control with so much money and power that is clearly a dangerous combination. It's certain that McGregor is going to have more than one lawsuit on his hands and maybe that will be a wake-up call before everyone is done with him!