Many fans are interested to know the real identity of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) since he was introduced in the 2015 movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” In fact, he is being considered as the most mysterious villain in the “Star Wars” saga.

There are even a lot of theories and assumptions surrounding the Force-sensitive humanoid alien. So, to end all the rumors about the antagonist, the creative lead of Lucasfilm Story Group Pablo Hidalgo recently dropped the biggest hint about the controversial character’s backstory and everyone goes crazy.

Snoke’s real line

Hidalgo sent the Twitter world into a frenzy when he shared something important about Snoke's identity. In a post on the said social media platform, the Lucasfilm executive confirmed that the talked-about character was definitely not a human. “I guess this question has come up,” he tweeted.

He explained that the antagonist’s real identity was already revealed in the novel version of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The character was described being seated on an elevated platform inside a chamber. The room’s main focus was his blue-tinted hologram. He can also be seen as tall and skinny and, as the company's head described, “he was humanoid but no human.” The villain was also wearing the trademark dark robe of the dark side.

A fan then asked Hidalgo if his statement was true. He later responded saying that “Snoke’s humanity is set in stone” simply because it was already published and written in the book. Hence, the character’s race has been certainly confirmed by the movie and the novel. “He varied a lot in terms of species and gender until production started,” he added.

Slamming the theories about Snoke

Moreover, Hidalgo’s claim just slammed the current theories that said Snoke was the Darth Plagueis, Palpatine, or Mace Windu, Comic Book reported. He might be a new character added in the saga that fans have never seen in the previous movies.

Now that a new hint about his real identity was dropped, fans will definitely have a hard time to guess his true personality.

And as the eighth episode’s director Rian Johnson said that viewers won’t get to see much of the villain’s backstory in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” it might be unveiled in the film's next installment, “Star Wars: Episode 9.”

A Redditor even asked David Kamp on the site’s AMA session if they would see anything about Snoke’s identity and if the villain would have a fight scene with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) or General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher). He said that he asked the film’s director and, sadly, the answer was a no.