A small-scale model for the alien planet Sakaar has been developed in “Thor: Ragnarok.” The first look at Sakaar reveals that this world is quite strange – in fact, it is one of the weirdest worlds ever revealed in any MCU movie.

The filmmaker spent thousands of dollars on production, and unique locations were selected to give “Thor: Ragnarok” an incredible and lively look.

In the comic books, Hulk destroys the Sakaar planet, and it winds up in the form of red ashes. From there, he fights against the rivals in a gladiatorial arena until the world is rebuilt.

Things will not be the same in “Thor: Ragnarok” as Jade Giant has joined hands with the God of Thunder and is ready to rule the planet. He aims to take its control from The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).

The beautiful Sakaar model

At first glimpse, this small model of Sakaar reveals that there’s going to be a lot of action sequences in the movie. It’s clear that Sakaar is not similar to other planets, and has its unique characteristics. We also feel that The Hulk and Thor will be forced to fight for their survival, and Sakaar is probably the most suitable place for a battle.

Marvel gave a look at “Thor: Ragnarok” characters last month, thanks to a Marvel museum opened in Australia. No doubt, the film will have an array of unique characters that we previously saw in “The Fifth Element.” It seems that director Taika Waititi wanted to give the Hulk a strange place for survival, which is why he developed the Sakaar planet.

When will the film release?

By all means, “Thor: Ragnarok” looks like a movie with a broad range of colors, attractive graphics, incredible action sequences, and of course, impressive locations. The film is scheduled to be released on November 3, 2017, and stars Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban, Tessa Thompson, Anthony Hopkins, Karl Urban, and Mark Ruffalo.

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A third “Thor” film was confirmed in early 2014, with the involvement of Hiddleston and Hemsworth. Waititi was recruited to direct and co-produce in October 2014, and principal photography took place in October 2016, in Sydney, and Queensland.

Early projections reveal that “Thor: Ragnarok” will gross up to $34 million in its opening weekend, and over $750 million during its theoretical run.

Its first trailer was viewed 132 million times in just 24 hours – the third most-viewed clip of all time behind “It” and “The Fate of the Furious.” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Captain America: Civil War” clips were viewed 123 and 96 million times, respectively, before their official release.