The biggest story to dominate the headlines over the last 24 hours has been a report out of the Washington Post that revealed Donald Trump leaked classified information to two high-ranking Russian officials. As expected, the White House has denied any wrongdoing, but that didn't stop the president's critics from speaking out, including comedian Bill Maher.

Maher on Trump

Regardless of how often he denies the onslaught of allegations against him, Donald Trump can't seem to shake-off the growing scandal that his campaign and administration are tied to Russia.

From the start of the 2016 presidential election, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been dealing with his critics accusing him of being in cahoots with the Kremlin. Over the last year and a half, the evidence has continued to pile up, with credible news outlets reporting that Russia hacked into the United States election with the goal of hurting Hillary Clinton and helping the Republican nominee. Trump's refusal to release his tax returns has caused Democrats and other liberals to raise questions, while several past and current advisers have been caught communicating with the Kremlin. On Monday, the Washington Post reported that during his recent meeting in the Oval Office with Segey Kislyak, the ambassador of Russia, and Sergey Lavrov, Russia's Foreign Minister, Trump shared what was described as "highly classified" information.

In response, the president's biggest critics have unloaded on the White House, with Bill Maher doubling down during a May 15 Twitter post.

Taking to his official Twitter account to continue his backlash against Donald Trump, Bill Maher did his best to mock the commander in chief, using humor and irony in the process.

"I remember how they attacked Obama because in the OVAL OFFICE he took off his suit jacket!" Maher tweeted out in reference to previous Trump and Republican outrage over the former president removing his suit jacket in the Oval Office. "Yeah, gotta watch what you do in there," Maher sarcastically tweeted, before labeling the president and the GOP "A**holes."

Trump denial

While Donald Trump has not personally commented on the Washington Post report, he did send out his national security adviser H.R.

McMaster in an attempt to clear the air. McMaster appeared to follow the current position of the administration, keeping his message short and to the point by denying the report in question.

Moving forward

Doubling down on the Washington Post story was CBS News who cited a former intelligence official that claimed "something inappropriate" was discussed in the aforementioned meeting between Donald Trump and the representatives from Russia. The CBS News report also noted that a "key intelligence source" who has been used in fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) could be at risk due to the alleged leak of information.

As of press time, no other information has been released by the White House, but it's expected that the commander in chief will address the issue as soon as possible, possibly during a remark on Twitter which has become Donald Trump's number one form of communication over the last two years.