If there's one story that has continued to linger in the headlines over the last two years it's been regarding Donald Trump and his potential ties to Russia. The latest twist in the story has involved Trump's son-in-law jared kushner, which has led to comedian Bill Maher offering his thoughts on Twitter.

Maher on Kushner

When Donald Trump announced his was running for president back in June 2015, many wondered if his candidacy should be taken seriously. After a few short months, Trump proved the doubters wrong as he was able to jump ahead in most polls as his controversial and unorthodox campaign style earned him enough popularity from angry Americans looking to vote against the system.

Trump would go on to lock up the GOP nomination and eventually the general election over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but it didn't come without its problems. While the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to weather the storm of controversy, speculation grew over what link he had to Russia. From refusing to release his tax returns, to praising Vladimir Putin, to past and present advisers and associates being tied back to the Kremlin, Trump has been unable to shake the controversy. On Thursday, NBC News reported that Jared Kushner has come under FBI scrutiny in regards to the current Russian investigation, which prompted Bill Maher to troll Trump's son-in-law on Twitter.

According to the NBC News report, those investigating Russia believe that Jared Kushner has "significant information relevant to their inquiry." The officials elaborated further and explained that Kushner is not expected to be charged with a crime, and is not considered a suspect.

While investigators don't appear to be linking Kushner to Russia directly, it appears as if the scandal is only getting deeper into the Trump family and the White House.

Maher reacts

Within minutes of the story breaking, social media users quickly gave their thoughts as Jared Kushner was trending worldwide on Twitter. Though many had a lot to say about the son-in-law of the commander in chief, none made their thoughts known as clear and with humor as Bill Maher.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night was Bill Maher and the host of HBO's "Real Time" made sure to mock, troll, and unload on Jared Kushner. "Looks like Russia probe getting close to First Family - I mean, the Me-First Family.

Jared, U can never be too thin or pretty. For prison," Maher tweeted out.

Moving forward

As the pressure continues to mount on the White House, Donald Trump is currently dealing his first foreign trip as president. After stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Rome, Trump touched down in Brussels on Thursday as all eyes remained on the President of the United States.