Has Kim Kardashian lost the title of best booty to her sister Kourtney?

TMZ believes Kim may need to watch out as Kourtney has taken the title of “Ms. New Booty,” after flashing way more of her butt than she usually does during a trip with her new boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. The media outlet proceeded to make a joke about how her new boy toy may be “bringing the best” our of Kourtney.

Kourtney decided to opt for a string pink bikini during her yacht trip with Bendjima in France on Thursday. Paparazzi managed to snap several pictures of the Kardashian and her boyfriend on the yacht.

These pictures have quickly caused Kourtney’s butt to make headlines.

Kim better do something quickly

TMZ proceeded to note that the ball was in Kim’s court as her sister Kourtney is clearly holding the title for “best booty” at this point. Mirror speculated that ending things with Scott Disick – the father of her children – after nearly a decade of dating may have been just what she needed to start living her life again. The media outlet described Kourtney’s revealing string bikini pictures as “body-confident.”

Even though all eyes are on Kourtney Kardashian’s butt after these pictures surfaced, she and her 24-year-old boyfriend weren’t alone on the yacht. Kendall Jenner was also captured in some of the pictures.

As those who have been keeping up with Kourtney’s love life know, she’s been seeing her new boyfriend, Younes for several weeks. Ironically enough, her ex also appears to have moved on as he is believed to be having a fling with Bella Thorne who is also 14 years younger than he is.

Her butt surfaced in jet ski pictures too

Kourtney’s butt also made waves when she went on a jet ski ride with her new boyfriend.

Paparazzi managed to capture a few snapshots of Kourtney butt as she was putting on a skimpy black swimsuit.

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne also happen to be enjoying some fun in the sun in the Cannes as paparazzi snapped pictures of Scott groping Thorne while she was trying to adjust her bikini. One can only hope the exes don’t run into each other while they are both enjoying the Cannes with their new much younger lovers or things could get seriously awkward.

Which of the Kardashian sisters do you think has the best booty? Is it Kim Kardashian who has the best butt or has her sister Kourtney really stolen the title? Those who have seen the pictures seem to think Kim may be in trouble as Kourtney has started to flash more of that perfect booty!