Barron Trump had no idea who Kathy Griffin was and while watching TV on Tuesday all he saw was the image on the screen of a woman holding a bloody head resembling his dad. According to TMZ in a new report, Barron thought something bad happened to his dad and he screamed for his mom to come and look.

Barron panicked

If this is the case, then Kathy Griffin's ploy of a mock ISIS-like beheading for Trump was even crueler than first imagined. She terrorized the son of the president with this disturbing antic. It is not hard to picture an 11-year-old kid seeing this mock severed head image of his dad and getting upset.

According to TMZ, who spoke with "family sources," Barron was in front of the TV on Tuesday night when the image of Griffin holding the mock severed head flashed on the screen. Barron recognized the head as resembling his dad and it sent him into a panic.

Griffin and head flashed on TV screen

TMZ reports that Barron was in a panic and he yelled for his mom. He had no idea who Griffin is or what she does, even if he did, it would still be a disturbing sight to see.

You can now understand why Trump's tweet about Kathy Griffin was coming from the dad in President Trump. He said in the tweet that his children, especially his 11-year-old son, Barron were "having a hard time" with this image.

The facial expression on Griffin's face is ghastly and doesn't give a hint of this image coming from a comedy perspective.

Apology full of holes

Griffin has apologized for this, but only after she was lambasted from every corner of the world. Trump supporters and even Trump's critics banded together in their thoughts of how disgusting they found Griffin's ploy.

Secret Service

The Secret Service is also looking into Griffin's image and they released a message, along with a tweet indicating they are "on it." While they never mentioned Griffin by name, it isn't hard to know who they are talking about.

There's a good chance that Griffin has ruined her career and after hearing what Barron Trump went through because of her cruel ploy. She's not going to find too many people who would show sympathy to her no matter what repercussions may come her way for this cruel deed.

Premeditated ploy

What was this woman thinking? A video of Griffin talking to the photographer who participated in this photo shoot shows she knew this image was going to get tons of backlash.

She told the photographer that the two of them may have to move to Mexico after this photo is released.

Not only does Griffin owe a heartfelt apology to the Trump family, but she needs to keep the Trump family off her scope from now on, that is if anyone even dared to give her another gig after this.