"Bachelorette" newest star, rachel lindsay, has been engaged. In one of her recent conference calls with the journalist, Lindsay shared how excited and happy she is as she finds her true love. Meanwhile, the 32-year old lawyer still has to keep the identity of her future husband a secret. However, the actress shared that it is everything that she has been looking for a man. To recall, her fiancé is one of her suitors from the show. Thus, even before "The Bachelorette" season 13 starts airing, she now has her happy ending.

Lindsay is head-over-heels over fiancé?

In one of her interviews with "Live with Kelly and Ryan," the new "Bachelorette" star confirmed her engagement with her mystery man. Further, the actress also added that she finally found what she has been searching for. Hence, it is safe to say that she has been so excited sharing the news to everyone. Lindsay has been screaming, smiling, and even dancing in happiness over her chair. She is definitely in love and she looks more adorable about it.

To recall, the civil defense attorney has also been heartbroken during her relationship with Nick Viall. Thus, her fans also felt happy with her engagement news. The actress even revealed that she even went almost skeptic about love but right now, she is already a believer.

For the meantime, the actress keeps herself mum about the identity of her future husband. Nonetheless, Lindsay assures her fans that he is a perfect and confident guy. Kelly Ripa is also happy for Lindsay knowing that someone fights for her love. Though engagements in "The Bachelorette" comes with expiration date, she is confident that Lindsay's love is going to stick.

Actress is returning to work next week

In one of her interviews with Jimmy Kimmel, Lindsay revealed that she will be returning to work next week as she waits for the big day. Meanwhile, she also added that they had shared couple of days together and even finished filming like 10 days ago for the show.

Meanwhile, the actress was also thankful that everyone from her work has been supportive of her relationship to the mystery guy.

Her boss was even the first person who supported her to find for love. However, her boss also made a request for Lindsay to go back to work after the engagement. With all these engagement reports, her fans couldn't hide the excitement that they also feel for Lindsay. Further, everyone will become more excited especially if they find out how the perfect guy is.