The episode 23 of "Arrow" Season 5, named “Lian Yu,” is set to show Oliver as he gets the help of incredible allies in order to win Adrian Chase in a last epic confrontation in Lian Yu. More rascals are set to perform as they are inducted into Chase’s group. The synopsis published online by Cartermatt states: “The fight between Oliver (S. Amell) and Adrian Chase (J. Segarra) finishes in a closing epic fight on Lian Yu. After last events, Oliver chooses to select a team of unlikely allies, Nyssa (K.Law), Slade (M. Bennett), Digger (N.E.Tarabay) and Merlyn (J. Barrowman), to beat Chase. But Chase has his personal team with Evelyn Sharp (M.

McLaughlin), Talia al Ghul (L.Doig) and Black Siren (K. Cassidy). The two teams clash in an unstable season finale.”

Highlights and plot episode 22

In the last episode of "Arrow", Adrian Chase may have been secured in an ARGUS room, but he still discovered a way to disturb Oliver Queen. With his collaborators Talia al Ghul, Black Siren and Evelyn Sharp, Chase captured everyone significant to Oliver, comprising his son, to use as support to get out of jail. The imminent final chapter of season 5 is set to be an action-packed one as Oliver and his antagonist Adrian Chase finally battle head-to-head in a violent confrontation on Lian Yu. As if the following fight between the two won’t be dangerous enough, they will be followed by their own individual team of allies.

Oliver will be getting the help of Digger, Slade, Nyssa al Ghul and Merlyn to bring Chase’s violence to an end. It appears that the titular hero is desperate enough to call on his opponents to help him win another one.

Episode 23 trailer and news

Viewers and fans of the TV series can expect to view some major characters bite the dirt by the finale of "Arrow" Season 5.

In a conversation with EW, Wendy Mericle announced the death of "some people" in the closing chapter. Moviepilot is thinking that one of the characters disappearing in episode 23 is Arsenal. In addition, the co-creator reported that Chase proceeds to be ahead of Oliver in the closing episode and how the fight ends. "Adrian is going to proceed to be some steps advancing of Oliver, but I believe Oliver has got his number.

So the end will be full of some great surprises. I think Oliver's definitely going to see a way to do what he's been attempting to do all season and put the events behind him," Mericle stated. Episode 23 of "Arrow" season 5 will air on Wednesday, May 24 at 8.00 pm EST on the CW.

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