Following the Manchester attack, Ariana Grande took to Twitter to give one brief statement. After that, the singer remained silent while the rest of the world mourned what had happened. Initially, Grande revealed she was “broken” over what had happened. She said she was “so sorry” and that she didn’t have the worlds to express how she truly felt.

She returned home and went dark

After the horrific terrorist attack at her concert, Ariana returned home to be with her family. It was confirmed by those close to her that Ariana was devastated by what had happened and just wanted to be with her friends and family members.

When she returned to her home in South Florida, pictures were snapped of her boyfriend and mother waiting to pick her up at the airport.

Rumors began to surface

A rumor began to spread like wildfire which claimed Ariana Grande had offered to pay for the funerals of the victims who were lost during the explosion. Even Snopes did a little digging on the claim Grande would pay for the funerals. While the rumor is believed to have been started by an Ariana Grande fan account on Twitter, no one has been able to confirm that this offer ever happened. There have, however, been other celebrities such as former “Big Brother” star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace who have offered to help pay for expenses surrounding the Manchester attack.

Ariana has broken her silence

A few hours ago, Grande finally broke her silence and announced a plan to assist Manchester attack victims by hosting a Benefit Concert. In the announcement, Ariana didn’t actually offer to pay for the funerals of the victims. She, however, did promise she was coming back to Manchester for a benefit concert that would be used to “raise money” for both the victims and their families.

The details of the Manchester benefit concert have not been worked out, but she promises to keep her fans informed as things come together. She also made a second post on Twitter in which she talked to her fans about donating to the Red Cross.

Following the attack, Ariana’s fans begged her not to let the terrorists win. While she did suspend her currently tour, the decision to return to Manchester for a benefit concert has really resonated with her fans.

For the most part, everyone appears to be praising Grande for her decision to send a message to terrorists to let them know that they cannot win.

Are you surprised to hear Ariana Grande is planning to return to Manchester to host another concert so soon after what happened? Do you think it will be hard for Grande to get back on stage?