Following the deadly terrorist attack that took place at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester, a number of celebrities have taken to social media to express their condolences for the families. Kim Kardashian was among those celebrities, however, her tweet was not very well received.

What did Kim post exactly?

At around noon EST on Tuesday, May 23, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of herself and Ariana Grande having a good time at a concert on Twitter. In her tweet, Kim talked about how concerts were supposed to be a place for you to have a good time.

She then commented on how scary it was when a person couldn’t even feel safe at a concert. She also tagged Ariana Grande with the words “I love you.”

Kardashian could be seen front and center in the picture of her and Grande, and those who spotted the tweet were not too happy about it. In fact, Kim was quickly slammed for being insincere and an attention seeker. The tweet had been retweeted more than 3,000 times and was live for at least an hour before it was deleted. Most media outlets and followers assume Kardashian decided to delete the tweet after receiving so much backlash for posting a picture of herself as response to the tragedy that occurred.

She didn’t delete it fast enough

Unfortunately for Kim, she didn’t delete the tweet fast enough as media outlets were able to screenshot it and thousands of people saw it on Twitter before it was deleted.

One Twitter user tagged Kardashian and Grande before commenting on how disgusting it was that Kim would post a picture of herself in response to what happened. A second user said Kim was an example of “true narcissism” as she managed to take something horrible and make herself the center of attention.

While Kim did eventually delete the tweet, she did post a second tweet – without a picture – that she was “praying” for those in Manchester over what had happened.

Kim had also tweeted a message of support for the parents of children who attended the concert by themselves. She tweeted the message of support before tweeting the picture which most deemed to be insensitive.

Here’s how Kim messed up

As a celebrity, there was nothing wrong with Kim wanting to wish the victims of the tragedy well.

The mistake she made was posting a picture of herself, which many believed to be her way of finding a way to draw attention to herself amid the tragedy going on around her. Is it possible Kim was jealous of all the attention Ariana Grande was getting over what happened?