Following the terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, the pop singer expressed she is planning to return to England. She revealed she wants to organize a benefit concert for the victims and their families but details have not yet been ironed out.

In a letter posted on her Twitter account, Ariana Grande said she hasn't stopped thinking about the tragedy and she was inspired by the compassion she saw from people, her fans, who did not let fear and hate win. "I don't want to go the rest of the year without being able to see and hold and uplift my fans," she wrote.

Dangerous Woman Tour canceled

Ariana Grande was on her Dangerous Woman Tour when the terrorist attacked and she immediately flew back to Florida hours after it happened for security reasons. The rest of her tour in England, which would have gone on until the first week of June, was canceled.

The singer's management made the call to "further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost." It is still unclear if she will proceed with her shows next as she was supposed to head to Paris from London on June 7.

Those close to the singer told People Magazine Ariana Grande could not sleep after the attack. The Grammy-nominated singer and her mom, Joan, came in close contact with some of the victims as they guided them backstage when the bomb went off.

Criticisms from Piers Morgan

Ariana Grande's decision to return for a benefit concert in Manchester comes as British host Piers Morgan criticized the singer for leaving her fans. The host said it would have been much more laudable if Grande remained in England and visited the injured recovering at the hospitals.

But a father in Georgia wrote an open letter addressed to the singer advising her that she needed to take care of herself.

She also need not carry the burden of the tragedy as it was not her fault. Patrick Millsaps, whose kids are fans of the pop star, posted his letter on Twitter as well and wished Ariana Grande to stay strong and go back to entertaining her legions of fans when she's ready.

Some 22 people were confirmed dead and 119 were injured, many of them teenagers, when an ISIS suicide bomber released an explosive device at the Manchester concert venue.

British police have been tracking down links to the suicide bomber. They have arrested the brother who is believed to also have ties with ISIS. Police in Libya also detained and interrogated the bomber's father. Authorities in the city remain on high alert.

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