It would appear as if finding a perfect and fashionable outfit for the day is just too much of a hassle for some celebrities who have decided to go topless.

Basic bra fashion trend

Several female celebrities have caused a new topless fashion trend as they are opting to just leave their homes in nothing more than a bra. In fact, basic bras and glorified sports bras appear to have replaced both corsets and pajama shirts. Sunday’s "Billboard Music Awards" – for example – featured a number of red carpet pictures of celebrities who decided to leave their tops at home.

Kristen Stewart makes the top of the list as one of the celebs to embrace the new topless trend with her decision to rebel against the glamorous dress code at the Cannes Film Festival.

Showing some skin isn’t so bad

Now, Madonna is one of the first names that comes to mind as she displayed how showing off a single bra strap could be a fashion trend instead of a wardrobe malfunction a long time ago. Sarah Jessica Parker also was never shy about the transparent tops she wore on “Sex and the City.”

Fashion statement or lazy

Some media outlets are criticizing Kristen Stewart and Bella Thorne for walking out of the house in nothing more than a basic bra. It isn’t a fashion statement, it is just “lazy” and an “attempt to grab attention.” These media outlets have justified calling Stewart, Thorne, and other celebs who opt for the basic bra as lazy by comparing them to celebrities such as Cher and Miley Cyrus.

As those who follow Cher and Miley Cyrus know, the two are no strangers to wearing underwear as outerwear. The two, however, have never walked out of the house in nothing more than a basic bra. Instead, the two are fans of finding creative ways to work what is typically underwear into a flashy and glamorous – or sexy and provocative outfit.

The media outlets calling the decision to go outside in a basic bra as a lazy fashion statement claim it is no different than wearing leggings or pajama pants instead of putting on actual clothing.

This leaves one simple question – are celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Bella Thorne trying to start a topless fashion trend with decisions to rebel against dress codes?

Or, are these female celebrities simply uninterested in spending any amount of time putting together a real outfit before they step outside. More importantly, do you think celebrities should be able to come outside in nothing more than a basic bra or should it be considered public indecency?