Amidst her popularity being an actress, an activist, and director, Angelina Jolie stepped out of her busy shell and shared an intimate celebration of Mother's Day with her second eldest son Pax. Jolie, who is in the process of divorce with her estranged husband Brad Pitt, celebrated the special day over a one-on-one dinner with a son. Both were spotted in Tao Asian Bistro in Los Angeles and the actress was wearing a gorgeous black cocktail dress.

Jolie spent a great time with her children

One of the reports claimed that Jolie and son Pax were both having a great time during their Mother's day dinner.

The actress was said to be in a great mood and she even gave time chatting a little with the staff of the Bistro. Nonetheless, she was still very focused on her son Pax. Further, it seemed like the actress has finally moved on and she seemed looking very happy.

Further, the actress also makes sure that she can still give more time to her children. On Wednesday, she was also spotted in a sushi restaurant somewhere in Beverly Hills. She was dressed up and she came along with her dad Jon Voight and her three other children with Pitt.

A source tells People that Jolie's children were seen giving gifts to their granddad. They were looking all happy and Jolie was also spotted hugging Voight. Further, Jolie's family also sat all together in one table and spent a great time over good foods for two hours.

Brad Pitt opens up life without Jolie

Amidst the news that Jolie came out for a Mother's day celebration after her divorce, Brad Pitt, her estranged husband, also opened up about his struggles in life without Jolie. Following their split, the actor assured his fans that right now he is in the right mental state. He also added that he is not suicidal and he still considers life to be good and to be full of love.

In one of his recent interviews, the 53-year old actor also shared about his life after divorce. He shared that he is now focused on keeping the ship afloat. He also continued his statement by saying that he has no more secrets and he has no more to hide.

Further, Pitt becomes more open about his problems since he believes that if he won't talk about it, then he will not also get better.

Meanwhile, he also admitted that he has been sober for six months time and in which he described it being "bittersweet."

Moreover, the actor also admitted that right now his main focus is his career. He also came in one of his interviews as he promoted his show in Netflix, the "War Machine" movie.