After 50 years in the world of Jack, and more than 15 years in our world since the premiere of "Samurai Jack" on Cartoon Network, its series finale premiered on Adult Swim tonight, and is a breathtakingly spellbinding end to one of the greatest television shows ever made.

Then and now

When the show returned from a hiatus, it had definitely grown with time. From being a no-blood, family friendly entertainment show it became an action packed, more violent show with savage deaths and blood. The switch in rating was to more deeply explore who Jack is now, and the effect 50 years of being a lone wanderer without purpose has had on him.

The constant elusion of Aku had made him weary and his continued failure had made him lost and hopeless. Anger and rage gets the better of Jack eventually, resulting in him losing his magic sword, which is the only weapon that was forged by the elder gods to destroy Aku once and for all.

Inside scoop

Tonight’s series finale of Samurai Jack was a mothership of nostalgia. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky brought back a lot of allies and fan-favorites like the Scotsman, the woolies, the “jump-good” team, Jack’s martial art masters, the cursed archers, the giant mechanical samurai, the sea folk, the Spartans, the dogs (Jack’s first friends) and even Robin Hood himself. Everybody Jack has helped in any way showed up to help him in his epic showdown against his arch nemesis Aku.

Aku, having finally arrived at the point where he can end the broken, swordless and morally defeated Samurai is caught not able to decide in what way to kill him. He orders his now fully possessed daughter to end Jack once and for all. Just as Ashi is about to kill Jack, his friends arrive to distract Aku in an epic fight while Jack frees himself during attempts to recover his sword and finish what he had started so long ago.

Ashi, unable to resist the darkness that now consumes her, launches her fury on Jack. Just as everything seems to go downhill, the Scotsman and his daughters arrive to hold Ashi back. The Scotsman, having reunited with his old buddy does a quick catch up and introduces his many valiant daughters to him, in hopes that Jack might choose and marry one.

He then discovers Jack’s love for Ashi.

Although fully consumed, Jack manages to tap into her by confessing his love for her, which leads her to once again gain control of her body. She then stands to face Aku. In a quick exchange of attacks, Jack realizes that she now has the magical powers of Aku. Using these, Ashi grabs Jack’s sword and opens a portal to the past. Having returned to the past, Jack quickly finishes Aku off (We’ll miss you, Aku). Everything seems to have finally worked out for Jack.

We then see Jack being dressed in ceremonial clothing, back in his palace with his family. Jack is all set to marry Ashi in a very well animated and aesthetically pleasing happy ending. As Ashi walks down the aisle with her bridesmaids, she rapidly loses control and collapses on the floor.

Jack rushes to her comfort when she mentions her existence isn’t possible in the timeline if Aku is dead. Jack realizes the paradox and before he could say or do anything, Ashi vanished into thin air, gone forever, never having existed. Jack, having fought so hard for everything he loved dearly, got it at a crushingly heartbreaking price.

Jack is then seen standing lonely under a cherry blossom tree, trying to cope with what had happened. As a ladybug approaches Jack, he smiles to the fond memories of Ashi. Fin.

Goodbye, 'Samurai Jack'

This bittersweet ending has left the fandom in awe and with a sea of mixed emotions. Most fans have mentioned in online threads that this was a befitting end to the gorgeous saga that a lot of us grew up watching, while others are sad about Jack’s loss despite his grand victory. He did get back to the past, and we’re thankful for the journey that Genndy, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim have made us a part of.