A few weeks ago, ABC has made it official that "Once Upon a Time" will be renewed for its seventh installment. Nonetheless, the network doesn't want to end its surprise yet as they also promise its fans that a reboot is going to happen for the show. Despite the news that Jennifer Morrison and some other characters are leaving the series, the network confirmed that a series reboot will be made and this leaves fans wondering what the upcoming season holds for them.

‘Once Upon a Time’ reboot in works

"Once Upon a Time" Season 7 spoilers teased that ABC has fixed their decision that the upcoming season will have a reboot.

Further, it will be expected that new characters will be introduced as it also features a new kind of story. One of the reports from Celebeat confirmed that the forthcoming season will focus on the adult version of Henry Mills and daughter Lucy.

Meanwhile, spoilers also reveal that these two will undergo a certain quest together with other characters like The Evil Queen, Hook, and Rumplestiltskin. Another report teased that both the old and new characters will finally find their own true love on the reboot. Meanwhile, the network will still continue telling the story based on the original classic tale.

Further, Channing Dungey, the ABC entertainment president, revealed that all these characters will portray their new identities.

Apparently, this made a lot of fans wonder whether a new hero will be introduced especially because Emma Swan is already out of the show. Meanwhile, another report came that the upcoming season will be moved to Friday nights. The decision about changing the time schedule was on the request of fans.

Jamie Chung revealed that season 7 is the final season

Some reports about "Once Upon a Time" came in and these suggest that season 7 is the final season for the series to air. Jamie Chung, a recurring character from "Mulan," accidentally uttered that the seventh installment is the final season.

Having said that, Chung also made it clear that he just ran into one of the series creators and most of them are calling it the final season.

Nevertheless, it is hoped that the series is just going to keep on going. On the other hand, the "X-Men" series actress didn't elaborate on what she meant about the final season.

Meanwhile, Kitsis and Horowitz, the series creators, explained that a reboot is about to happen soon. Being the showrunners, they wanted to open a new chapter and to tell a new story. Hence, both of them are taking the risks of telling the new story and wish to move forward to what lies ahead.