The hit television sitcom, "2 Broke Girls," has now officially been canceled. Fans of the series will have to say goodbye to Kat Dennings' Max Black and Beth Behrs' Caroline Channing as they will no longer be returning for a seventh season. The series' producers, CBS and Warner Bros. TV, apparently weren't able to reach an agreement regarding the series, which has now led to its sudden cancellation after airing six seasons.

Not reaching an agreement

According to reports, CBS and Warner Bros. TV were apparently in the process of making a decision regarding "2 Broke Girls" Season 7, but couldn't agree on the budget for the new season.

At one point, both companies reportedly even considered the option of cutting down the episodes for the seventh season.

However, no agreement was reached, and the decision was made just to cancel the show altogether. The sudden cancellation will be leaving the show with an unresolved ending and a lot of disappointed fans.

Falling ratings

Aside from the budget, another big factor in the decision to cancel the show was its consistently falling ratings. The show did unbelievably well when it was first released back in 2011. The audience and critics gave the show a relatively high rating during its debut.

The show's success can be accredited to the on-screen chemistry between Dennings and Bhers, who are apparently also best friends in real life.

The sixth and now final season of the series averaged a 1.3 rating amongst adult viewers ages 18 to 49. Each episode also averaged around 5.6 million viewers. Ultimately, the numbers didn't manage to save the show, which is a big disappointment to a lot of fans.

Controversial humor

While the show did get a lot of praise for its unique comedy style, some viewers had outrightly condemned the series for its use of sexualized humor, stereotypes, and racism.

Back in 2015, the show was caught in the middle of a controversy after an insensitive joke made about indigenous Australians.

The joke about the Aboriginal people in one particular episode was not taken very well and the former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, even demanded that the producers apologize publicly for the racist and offensive statements.

The series follows the lives of Max, who was born in poverty, and Caroline, a now-broke daughter of a former billionaire, as they work together at a local diner to save up enough money to start their own successful cupcake business.

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