This week "2 Broke Girls" ended season 5 on a high note with a finale episode titled, "And the Big Gamble." This season has had it's ups and downs, but the girls have toughed it out and fought for what is rightfully theirs. At the start of this episode the girls confront a man-child who has brought his adult coloring book into the diner while he enjoys his grilled cheese with the crust cut off. Max tells him that sex helps with stress more than coloring and that his life can't be that stressful if he's coloring in a Unicorn in the afternoon on a Tuesday.

Han is in over his head

Moments after Caroline catches Oleg and a very pregnant Sophie having sex on the floor of the diner's kitchen, a gang of Korean thugs walk into the restaurant and demand to see Han. It ends up he's amassed a large debt betting on women's tennis and they've come to collect. Han is hiding in the back and explains to the girls and Randy that he doesn't know what to do. Max and Caroline, their relationship stronger than ever, don't find the karaoke singing thugs that threatening and opt to confront them directly about the debt.

Max and Caroline save Han from losing his toe

They threaten to cut off Han's toes over the money he owes and make him sing one last song, "Last Dance," by Donna Summer.

Before the thugs make good on their threat, Max and Caroline decide their only choice is to hand over $30,000 to Han so he can pay off his debt, but only if they can buy him out for a majority ownership of the diner. With no other choice, Han agrees and the girls now have a direct stake in all of the business operations in the building.

Randy heads back to California

The detour to California was an opportunity that brought the girls great wealth and it also brought Max the closest she's ever been to true love with Randy, who has been a regular the past few weeks as a visitor to New York City. He's proven to be helpful as far as setting up the dessert bar goes, and he's gotten Max to open up and deal with parts of her dark past that still haunt her.

Randy, with only three days left in town, is disappointed that Max can't make a decision about what's next for them, but she found it all too easy to buy the diner on a whim. He takes it as a sign that their relationship is doomed so he packs up and says goodbye to Max, who tells him that she loves him. Their relationship is up in the air as the girls see their cash total drop from $31,000 down to $1,000 as the show wraps up for the season.