Finn Balor, a major WWE star, and former Universal Champion returned from an injury he sustained at Summerslam last year last Monday, the night after WrestleMania. After a successful win last week, he appeared on Raw again this week and had a match with Jinder Mahal, which resulted in Balor getting a concussion.

An unlucky streak for Finn Balor

A second injury so close to coming back from a six-month stretch on the sidelines is the opposite of what Balor and WWE would have wanted. You can see in the video below the brutal shot which concussed Balor.

Stunningly, he was able to continue and eventually won the match, as he did against Seth Rollins at Summerslam after the injury to his shoulder occurred.

How bad is this injury?

Fortunately, it isn't so bad. In fact, ten years ago we probably would have seen Finn Balor back on Monday Night Raw this coming week without skipping a beat. However, the WWE has been forced to crack down on concussion-related incidents, as a number of their performers have been compelled to retire far too early due to multiple concussions making it too dangerous for them to continue competing.

The history of concussions

Yes, WWE had to deal with a massive lawsuit against them over neurological injuries sustained to over fifty wrestlers just last year, and since then they have kept superstars such as Finn Balor on the sidelines for several weeks in cases of concussion.

Monday Night Raw needs Finn to return as soon as possible, but WWE is taking no chances.

Fan favorite wrestlers such as Edge and Daniel Bryan have had to retire young in the last few years because of head and neck injuries happening too often and leaving them unable to compete for fear of death in the ring. WWE has really cracked down on the health and welfare of their stars in recent years, with early 2000's wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero dying young after suffering a significant number of injuries in the ring.

We've already seen the Undertaker retire recently at WrestleMania 33, so it is good to see WWE taking precautions with their talent like this, hopefully ensuring that Balor will not suffer a similar fate so soon.

The company has enough scandals to deal with from superstars personal lives without having to deal with more lawsuits.

The company has just turned a new leaf with their superstar shakeup this past week on Raw and SmackDown Live, so they'll be heading in a new direction and will be able to do without Balor for a few weeks while he recovers from the concussion. The latest word says that Finn will probably return in a month at most.

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