"When Calls The Heart" ended its fourth season this week. At the end of episode 9, Cody collapsed. Abigail takes Cody to the clinic where Faith examines him. Cody has appendicitis. The nearest doctor is too far away, and so Bill Avery organizes a search party to find Carson and bring him back to town.

A search party tries to find Carson

The search party goes out to try and find Carson. Elizabeth is part of the search party, and she finds Carson and tries to persuade him to come back. At first, he is hesitant. Then Elizabeth explains that if Carson doesn't come back, Cody could die because there's not a doctor close enough to help him.

Carson decides to go back to town. He examines Cody and determines that he has appendicitis and needs surgery. Just as he finishes his examination, another doctor arrives in town. The new doctor, Dr. Strohm, says that Cody probably has influenza and advises medication. He says that Carson's diagnosis is wrong and that surgery would be a mistake. Carson decides to leave town, but Elizabeth convinces him to stay.

Lee is keeping a secret from Rosemary

Lee returns from searching for Carson. Rosemary tries to convince him to have some breakfast and rest before he goes to work. Lee loses his temper and tells Rosemary that he just wants to get ready for work. She asks him what is wrong, but he is evasive.

The next day Elizabeth meets Rosemary on the street. Rosemary is distracted. She tells Elizabeth about Lee and says she believes that Lee is keeping a secret. Elizabeth convinces her not to give up, and to try asking Lee about it again. Later that night Lee admits that he had a brother that died in childhood and Cody reminds him of his brother Patrick.

He feels guilty about his brother's death.

Carson and Dr. Strohm argue over the diagnosis

Carson bumps into Dr. Strohm at the saloon. Strohm is drinking, and they argue about Cody's diagnosis. They come to blows, and Bill Avery separates them. Carson stops by to see Cody and find out how he is doing. He examines Cody again and discovers that he's getting worse.

He advises Abigail to have the surgery because Cody probably won't live through the night. Carson finishes the surgery. Dr. Strohm arrives, and he threatens to turn Carson into the medical board. Abigail defends Carson and says she authorized the operation. Carson's sister-in-law wants to send a telegram to the medical board to report Carson. Elizabeth tries to persuade her not to. The town comes together for a prayer meeting. Cody wakes up after his temperature and pulse return to normal.

Bill Avery takes the former mayor, Henry Gowen, to testify against the railroad manager. The town holds a birthday party for Cody. Abigail gives Cody and Becky their adoption papers as a special present.

There is no word yet if "When Calls the Heart" will be renewed for a fifth season. Would you like to see a new season of "When Calls the Heart"?