"When Calls The Heart" revealed a major secret when a mysterious woman from Carson Shepard's past arrived in town. She has been trying to find Carson so that she can have him prosecuted for murder. Can Carson explain the truth and put an end to his harassment, or will he go to jail?

A mysterious stranger arrives in town

In the previous episode, Carson told Abigail and Frank, the pastor, about his wife. She died, and heartbroken, he left to start a new life. Abigail and Frank seem satisfied until a new visitor comes to town. She is the sister of Carson's wife, and she claims that Carson killed her sister.

Carson was a doctor, and he performed an operation on his wife. She died on the table. Bill Avery contacts the medical board to get information about what happened. Carson was cleared of all charges, but his sister-in-law insists on pursuing charges against Carson. When he returns to town after an overnight trip, Abigail is cool toward him. Eventually, she admits that Carson's sister-in-law is in town and wants to press charges.

Cody's sister Becky also comes to town as a surprise for Cody. Opal, one of Elizabeth's students, has a grandmother who is sick and her parents have to leave town. Elizabeth offers to take care of Opal while her parents are out of town. She also comforts Phillip because Phillip is worried that his dad will forget about him because his dad likes the local nurse, Faith.

Elizabeth has an idea to make Phillip comfortable with Faith, and he suggests she take Phillip out to find caterpillars for a project he's working on for school.

Rosemary struggles to sell dress making for Dottie

Rosemary approaches Abigail, offering to help her update her look. Abigail laughs and says she likes her look just fine.

Looking for new ways to share Dottie's services, Rosemary hands out flyers, but she doesn't have any luck selling the designs. She complains to her husband, and he offers to buy work shirts for all of his workers. Rosemary is hesitant until he says that he will need at least 87 shirts. They have trouble agreeing on the fabric and design for the shirts.

Leland teaches her a lesson in customer service. Elizabeth also asks Rosemary to design the wedding gown for her wedding to Jack.

Word comes from the North about Jack

A new mountie arrives in town, and Bill Avery asks him if he is the new mountie. He says no. Elizabeth runs into him at the cafe. He tells her that Jack talks about her all the time, and she sends him a note. Later at the school, Elizabeth, Faith, and Abigail discuss Carson's situation. Abigail mentions that Cody isn't doing very well as he hasn't been eating or sleeping well. Elizabeth agrees to keep an eye on him. That night at home, Cody gets out of bed, and he's screaming in pain. What will happen to Cody? Is it a chance for Carson to show his skill as a surgeon? 'When Calls the Heart' airs on the Hallmark Channel Sundays at 8:00 p.m.