Over the past year, Mama June has been working hard and even had several surgeries in order to lose 300 pounds and drop from a reported size 18 to a size 4. Now that she's looking fabulous after losing a shocking amount of weight and having multiple surgeries to remove excess skin, controversial talk show host Wendy Williams has predicted that the reality star who became famous on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is just going to gain it all back.

Wendy Williams suggests Mama June lost weight for a paycheck

Wendy Williams has a lot of shocking opinions and those who watch her daytime talk show know that she never keeps them to herself.

Now that "Mama June: From Not To Hot" has aired its entire first season, Wendy is trash talking the reality star, claiming that June Shannon didn't lose weight because she wants to be thin. Instead, Wendy says that June just spent a year changing everything about herself in order to get a paycheck. Apparently, she knows how far a TV personality will go in order to get paid.

It was on the "Wendy Williams Show" last week that the newly slim reality star was a guest and made accusations against her ex-husband Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson for reportedly being both mentally and physically abusive. Wendy says that during that taping, she told Mama June backstage that she thinks its a toss up whether June will keep the weight off or not.

Wendy seems to think that the only reason Mama June did all that work and lost 300 pounds was for more camera time and the paycheck that comes along with it.

She also said that since her daughter, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson is still a child, she's going to want to eat real food apparently, and not diet food, which will tempt her mother into indulging and gaining the weight right back.

Mama June claims to have paid for weight loss surgery herself

While Mama June certainly is pulling a paycheck from the successful WEtv hit, she also claims that she paid for the weight loss surgery as well as the skin removal surgeries, the breast lift and augmentation and the tummy tuck that followed.

So far, June has undergone an estimated $75,000 in weight loss and cosmetic surgery in the past year.

After all the dieting, exercise, surgery, and recovery that Mama June went through lets at least hope she broke even with her WEtv paycheck. Especially since the premiere of her "From Not To Hot" series pulled in 2.3 million viewers for the network.

Do you side with Wendy Williams and think that Mama June will just gain all the weight back? Or do you think that the WEtv reality star will continue to eat healthier and exercise in hopes that her show will be renewed?