Janet Jackson posted the first photo of her 3-month-old son, Eissa, on Instagram on Friday, April 14. She wrote that the picture was taken after their nap time. The 50-year-old mother is shown kissing her baby tenderly on his forehead.

The seven-time Grammy winner and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, were happy to welcome their first child together on January 3, 2017. Even though people thought she was rather old to have a baby, the new mother had a problem-free delivery and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Amicable separation

It was announced on April 8 that the singer and her Qatari billionaire husband had an amicable separation, and they have agreed to co-parent.

It has been said that Jackson and Eissa will stay in London.

It was rumored that Janet wanted more freedom than she was having by being married to the 42-year-old businessman because they have very different lifestyles.

One of Jackson's friends said Wissam wasn't pleased with her racy live performances and music videos. He wants a wife with more Muslim traditions. The singer and actress had been fully covered in most of the pictures she had been seen in after her marriage. If it is true that Janet wanted more freedom, perhaps she was making statement by posting the full face of baby online for the world to see.

This could be a sign that she is taking her freedom back. She had been private about her relationship from the very beginning. The couple secretly married in 2012, and it was not publicized until much later.

When most celebrities show the first photo of their newborn, the face is not visible. In Janet's photo, Eissa's whole face is seen.

He is yawning and his eyes are not opened, but everyone can see that he is a beautiful baby.

Jackson was seen pushing the stroller last week with the baby in it, but he couldn't be seen then. Reporters commented that she looks like she is doing well after her breakup, and that her main concern is her son.

Message to Janet

After the separation, the estranged husband wrote a message of love to the singer on his website along with her photo.

There is a quote from the Quran on the title page of the website. If you read between the lines, the quote gives hints about the couple's separation.

The message to Janet had no hints. The businessman came right out and professed his love to his estranged wife. He called her the most beautiful person in the world and said she was his best friend. He closed by saying he loves her so much. It seems like Wissam is also doing things out of the ordinary.