Alright, so recently we got two, new preview/spoiler clips (below) from the ABC folks for their upcoming "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" episode 17 of the current season 4, and it gives us some very interesting new details with new scenes that feature Jemma, Daisy, and more, still running around in that freaking framework environment, trying to hunt down Radcliffe in hopes of escape. Unfortunately, it looks like they may face even more disappointment. We also got Hope and Mack, escaping a really close call with some Hydra drama, and more.

Eve hunts for Jemma

In the first clip, we just got a promo that features a couple of different scenes. It starts out showing a Coulson scene. They're spotted, taking a mask off his face. This could just be another set of androids though. He and Jemma Simmons are spotted, getting a warm welcome to SHIELD from Jeffrey Mace. Next, we get a scene that features more of Eve in action, giving out orders that the real Simmons needs to be found, along with anyone that is helping her. After that, we're fed a scene that shows Daisy, Simmons, Mace and more, discussing how Radcliffe could get them out of the framework they're currently stuck in.

From there, we see a new fight scene with Daisy in action, followed by a scene that shows a very passionate moment between Jemma and Fitz.

Then we've got another scene where agent May is seen, telling Daisy, there's no way out for her as she orders the soldiers to grab a hold of her.

At gunpoint

Finally, the clip culminates with a very intense scene that involves Simmons, pointing a gun at Radcliffe, telling him that he needs to help them escape! Unfortunately, he has a very disheartening reply to that order, saying that he's afraid there is no escape from this place!

Uh oh! That most certainly doesn't sound good at all. Will they be able to get Radcliffe to change his freaking tune? Or is he actually right in his assessment of the situation? It looks like we'll have to tune in to find that out. It's definitely getting real interesting though.

Hydra gets distracted

In this second clip, we've got a scene with Mack, chit-chatting with his daughter, Hope, at a bus stop.

He asks her some questions that she correctly answers. After that, things get crazy when Hydra agents show up on the scene, asking for identification from everyone. As they start checking, Hope tells Mack that the drone is still in her bag, prompting Mack to panic a little bit. Next, a guy starts, taking off, running because he apparently has something to hide as well. It turns out that he's a potential inhuman, so they take him away to only God knows where.

For Mack and his daughter, that distraction was a good thing, because it caused the Hydra peeps to end their ID checking session to deal with the potential inhuman. The clip caps off with Mack and Hope, giving each other a hug of relief. Be sure to check out the new clips, below, and stay tuned. Episode 17 is currently scheduled to arrive on Tuesday night, April 11th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC.