Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling just had another child together, but now it turns out that Dean is in some trouble for not paying Child support on his oldest son Jack. This is the only child that he has that isn't with Tori. Radar Online shared the details about how Dean actually owes over $100,000 and could end up facing jail time if he doesn't get it taken care of and soon.

Dean's ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace threatens to send him to jail

It turns out that Mary Jo is really upset with him over not paying the child support for their son. Now that Tori and Dean don't have a reality show going they have been faced with a few financial issues.

Jack is now 18, but Dean is being held in contempt of court for not paying child support from the past. His ex shared that Dean just stopped paying her, but he is living in a $2 million rental house. She seems to think that he could obviously afford to pay her, but just isn't doing it. Jack has lived with Tori and Dean some, but was with his mom most of the time.

Dean and Mary Jo actually met up, and he agreed to pay his half by Monday instead of going to jail. Now everyone just has to see if he actually does it or not. A source says that if Dean McDermott doesn't take care of it by Monday that Mary Jo won't be afraid to refile on Tuesday. This would could end up putting him in jail for not paying.

Dean has to take care of it, or things are not looking good for him at all. Dean did say in court that he had "fallen on hard times" and that was what was going on with him. The couple has also been in trouble recently for unpaid credit card bills.

Tori and Dean used to have a lot of money and got used to spending it. Now that they don't have a reality show, the times have changed for them.

It looks like Dean is going to have to figure out a way to get this paid or else he could end up behind bars. Mary Jo isn't going to let it slide anymore.

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