The competition between Marvel and DC seems to be waning with Marvel emerging as the clear winner in the cinematic universe contest so far. While DC has been rigid in their choice of directors, Marvel has taken some big risks by letting relatively unknown directors take the helm of big projects and these risks have been paying big dividends so far. Perhaps Marvels best move involves letting Taika Waititi direct the latest Thor film, and by the looks of the trailer, you get a sense that he has done a phenomenal job.

Trouble for Odinson

The two Thor movies released so far might be two of the weakest films in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Despite Thor being an extremely popular character with possibly one of the best lore for a superhero, the films so far have been mediocre at best and haven't done justice to the potential of the character. Enter Taika Waititi the director of incredible films like “What We Do In The Shadows” and “Hunt For The Wilderpeople”, and it feels like Thor has finally received the resurgence he deserves.

The trailer for “Thor: Ragnarok” is filled with intense, hilarious and epic moments, giving us a good insight into what we can expect from the new film. We witness the destruction of Asgard, the shattering of Thor's hammer Mjolnir, introduction of major characters, and fascinating cameos from other Avengers.

The trailer is easily one of the best for a comic book film in the recent past and does a great job of setting high standards for the film.

What to expect

Taika Waititi is a filmmaker who is highly proficient in exploring quirky characters while providing a hilarious narrative. His tone and direction for his films are usually spot on and it looks like he has made some interesting calls for “Thor: Ragnarok”.

Some of the visuals in the trailer look absolutely stunning and maybe one of the best in the Marvel Movies so far. Cate Blanchett’s introduction looks extremely intriguing and it is good to see a female antagonist in a Marvel film.

We are already given a preview of the Hulk’s role in the film but Doctor Strange is yet to make an appearance which should be something to look forward to.

Overall the trailer has given us plenty of reasons to believe that “Thor: Ragnarok” maybe one of the most entertaining Marvel movies coming out in the near future and I personally can't wait to see more trailers for the film that is set to open on November 3rd, 2017. Here is the fascinating trailer below until then.