From Marvel to Warner Bros., Comic Book Movies always impress Hollywood fans. It would not be wrong to say that some finest superhero movies are based on comic books, and these will premiere in 2017. Ever since Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” movie jump-started the comic book movie trend in 2000, all studios announced that they would regularly release comic book films. Here we have a list of upcoming comic book movies.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, the “Thor” movies get overlooked for “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But we feel that Marvel Studios did not forget the Odinson, and it will bring us “Thor: Ragnarok.” The movie sees Thor and Odin stripped from their positions and left with a heck of a rebuilding job.

We expect some major consequences here as Chris Hemsworth will run about in a cape once more. The movie is scheduled to be released on October 27, 2017.

‘Justice League’

Justice League” is one of the most anticipated films of this year. After announcing an initial slate in 2014, Warner Bros. shuffles the DCEU schedule as their vision changed. So far, “Man of Steel,” “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad” have been released, but now we are waiting for another exciting film. It seems that Warner Bros. will change the perception of the universe this year because “Justice League” is coming to theaters. Fans have high expectations as Warner Bros. confirms that Zack Snyder directs the project.

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and Jason Momoa are in the leading roles. The movie will be released on November 17, 2017.


Dave Wilson directs “Bloodshot.” Valiant Entertainment announces that the movie will be released by the end of this year. Wilson partners with Blur Studios for its special effects.

Previously, the studio made the headlines for “Halo,” “Titanfall 2,” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” This is Wilson's first feature, so we have high expectations from the project. “Bloodshot” is about a former soldier who has the power of regeneration and is out to discover who he is. Matthew Vaughn and Jason Kothari serve as executive producers.