Fans fell in love with Justin Hartley when he was on "Desperate Housewives." Then he played the part of Adam Newman on the show "The Young and the Restless." He actually left the show and then started on "This Is Us." The fans miss seeing him on the soap every single day. It is obvious that Justin has moved on, but you never know if they will decide to bring someone else back as Adam Newman once again on the show. Now Justin is part of the huge hit show "This Is Us, " and it seems to really be opening up doors for him. Justin was actually just cast in a huge movie sequel that will get him seen by millions.

Where can you see Justin Hartley next?

Justin Hartley can be seen in the new movie "Bad Moms Christmas" along with Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, nd Kathryn Hahn. The original movie "Bad Moms" was a huge hit and everyone is really looking forward to this movie. Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are back to write and direct the sequel. It won't be hitting theaters until November, but that is the perfect time for a Christmas movie. The fans of "Bad Moms" are going to be excited to see this one.

In this new movie, the girls will be back again and all of their mothers are going to be visiting them for the holidays. That is really going to mix things up and get them going. It should make for a hilarious movie.

You know it will be a hit.

So who does Justin Hartley play in "Bad Moms Christmas"? He will be playing a character by the name of Ty Swindle. This character is a hunky fireman, which is a great role for Justin Hartley. Now at night, he actually works as an exotic dancer. The fans are going to love seeing Justin without his shirt on for this role.

When he was playing "The Manny" on "This Is Us" fans really enjoyed those scenes where Justin didn't have a shirt on at all. The movie "Bad Moms Christmas" is one that everyone is going to enjoy, but don't forget to leave the kids home for this one. It will make a perfect date night or girl's night out.

Justin Hartly actually went to his Twitter to share the news with fans.

He shared an article from Deadline about the fact that he will be joining "Bad Moms Christmas" and along with it Justin said, "Excited to join this talented and hilarious cast." It does sound like Justin is excited for this role.

Are you excited to hear that Justin Hartley was cast in the sequel of "Bad Moms"? Do you think that he will be a great addition to the movie? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "This Is Us" when it returns to NBC.