Monday on “The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn worried about the fate of her marriage and hurting Eric, and Ridge gave her his reassurance that Brooke won’t tell him about their inappropriate behavior. Quinn wondered if they can trust her. “Brooke saw us… how could we let that happen?” she lamented. Ridge revealed to Quinn that Katie knows about them. When she asked if it was Brooke or Ivy who told her, Ridge said he told her because she thought something else happened. Quinn was certain that Katie would tell Eric because she hates her.

Rick and Maya appreciate Quinn

While meeting Rick and Maya, Eric congratulated his son on a job well done running the company while they were away. When asked about the double wedding in Australia, Eric gushed about Liam and Steffy’s wedding, showing them photos on his phone. Rick and Maya then commented that he looks happy. Rick admitted that he was wrong about Quinn. “Quinn, she’s a lucky lady,” he said.

Maya admitted that she can relate to Quinn, because she too, felt as an outcast at different points of her life. To Rick and Maya's surprise, Eric then announced that Brooke and Ridge did not get married and explained how upset they both were. Rick was worried that RJ will flip out, and Eric was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Brooke tells Katie to keep a lid on it

Katie shared her sympathy for her sister for what had happened. “You were right, the day before we were supposed to get married - there he was, kissing his father’s wife.” Brooke told her. She confirmed that she confronted them. Katie pressed her to tell Eric about them, but Brooke explained that she had promised not to tell, under the condition that they stop what they are doing.

“I don’t think Quinn can stop any more than Ridge can,” Katie said. Brooke maintained that she is interested in protecting Eric. Katie threatened to tell Eric if she doesn’t.

Brooke demanded Katie to respect her chice not to say anything to Eric. Katie asked why she’s protecting them, adding that Eric would be furious at them for keeping this secret.

She assumed that the reason why Brooke is keeping quiet is because she plans to forgive Ridge. They argue before Brooke was summoned by a text message from Eric. Katie still insisted on telling Eric, but Brooke told her, “Not one word.”

Eric demands answers

Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn wondered why Eric wanted to see them. When Brooke entered the room, they both tried to appeal to her, repeating that 'this was nothing’. On arrival, Eric and demanded to know why Brooke and Ridge didn't get married. He then asked Quinn if she noticed anything wrong between them. "I'm right here," Ridge interjected. Brooke was concerned about how RJ would feel about the whole thing. Eric told them that he wants to help, and then pressured Brooke to come clean. “We are not leaving this room until I know why you’re not going to marry my son!” he said.

The Bold and the Beautiful” airs Monday to Friday on CBS.