On Friday's "The Young and the Restless," Nick followed Crazy Chloe to the Newman jet. He saw with his own eyes that his father was meeting with the woman who murdered his half-brother Adam. This will bring to light the fact that Victor Newman and Chloe were working together and that collaboration led to the cabin explosion in which Adam died. Today will begin an unfolding of the six months of lies and deceit. As if finding out his brother was murdered is not enough, there is one more reveal, which will rock Nick to his core.

The parentage of Christian

Within the layers of revelations that must unfold regarding Adam's death, there is a secret only two people are aware of. Two individuals whom Nick should be able to trust, are betraying him. These loved ones are aware of the fact that Adam, and not Nicholas, is the biological father of Christian. Nick has been reeling since finding out that his wife Sage was the biological mom to young Christian. He assumes the child is his, because Sage, who slept with Adam, said paternity test results indicated Nick was the child's father. In reality, Adam was the baby daddy, and he knew it, as do Victor and Chelsea. Nick and Chelsea no doubt will be consoling each other, over the fact that Chelsea's best friend and Nick's father have Adam's blood on their hands.

All the while, Chelsea, and Victor have their own secret, the parentage of Christian.

Nick has bounced this way before

Lies and betrayal are no strangers to Mr. Newman. Like Tigger in the Winnie the Pooh movies says, Nick has bounced this way before. In addition to ex-wife Sharon lying about the paternity of Christian, she also misleads everyone about the biological father of Summer Newman.

Sharon faked a paternity test and it was believed for a time, that Jack Abbott was the girl's dad. Now we have Nicholas for a third time, unaware of the true paternity of a child.

Victor figured out that Adam was the father of young Christian, and held it over his head. Adam eventually told Chelsea the truth. After his death, Victor convinced Adam's widow, that in the best interest of all involved, the secret should never come out.

He even convinced Chelsea that she should pursue a relationship with her brother in law, and help him raise her dead husband's child. This truth will surely send Nick over the edge and damage his relationship with both Chelsea and his father. Christian is getting older, and it is simply time for everyone to know the truth. This issue has gotten lost in the shuffle, but since this is a week of big reveals, fans should get ready because the truth is about to come out.