When you watch him on film, Patrick Vann stands out as an actor. He totally inhabits the roles he plays. He has a natural vibration that tells you he is a star in the making. Vann has appeared on the TVOne network's "For My Man" and "For My Woman" series. He had breakout roles in Christian films like "Scattered" and "The Basement." He is branching out into producing as well. Vann is destined for magnificent success in the world of show business. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to talk about his career and his vision for success.

The Interview

Q - Talk about your background in general and how you got into acting?

A - I was born in 1990 during the decade of Michael Jordan’s prime so I as a kid---if it wasn’t about basketball I wanted nothing to do with it. Acting didn’t creep into the picture until my college years...I can vividly remember after doing a theater skit at a youth event in Maryland being approached by a couple in their mid 40’s who told me that I truly had a gift in acting. A few months later, I was involved in a theater play written for the graduation ceremony of the organization that I was in when maybe a couple of days after, I received a call inquiring on whether I wanted to be in a movie. A cinematographer had been at that play and strongly recommended me to the director of the movie he was shooting at the time.

Q - What projects are you working on?

A - I’ve done a couple roles with TVOne on the "For my Man" and "For My Woman" series. Aside from tha, I was also cast for a principle lead role with JCL Productions for their upcoming feature film "Dawn." It’s written and directed by the dynamic and inspiring Cynthia Leon. She brings such positive energy to her set while still demanding believable and organic performances from her actors.

I’m also in the pre-production phase on a work that I am co-producing with Eduardo Gomez who’s worked on well renowned projects such as "War Room" and "God’s Compass."

Success on film

Q - You are spectacular on film, did that come natural for you?

A - Thanks I really appreciate that, and I think it did come natural. I can remember moments during shoots for my first film where cast and crew members would tell me how natural I seemed on camera.

I didn’t understand why it seemed like a big deal, in my mind all you had to do was engage the situation in the scene as if it were you own, that part was easy for me. But what I didn’t realize was that empathy, in most cases, is the catalyst for believable on screen performances. Empathy was the one thing that I knew I had an abundance of. I didn’t fully comprehend it at the time, but it was the sole variable that enabled me to tap into moments as if they were truly my own. I felt how the character felt, and it was real to me and people could feel that genuine attachment between me and my character.

Q - What’s your unique “super power” as an actor i.e. that which makes you stand out?

A - I guess if I had to describe a super power I’d say just the ability to latch on to an emotion and couple it with the words the director sketched together.

It sounds easy but marrying the director’s vision with your own ideas when you’re studying the script doesn’t always pan out seamlessly. In terms of standing out most people say there’s a natural and smooth flow to my acting no matter the mood of the moment. So I guess I’ll just stick with that…wouldn’t wanna toot my own horn.

Success lessons from sports

Q - You’re a good basketball player, what lessons from sports did you bring into performing?

A - Ha ha, thanks but it’s been a while since I stepped on the court, so I’m not sure if I’ve still got it. But to answer the question; I was the point guard for pretty much every team I played for from the time I was in 1st grade all the way through my senior year of high school.

That position is often described as the quarterback of the basketball team or the extension of the coach. There is such a parallel to be drawn in that aspect alone. I’ve always had to pay extra close attention to the coach’s instructions just by virtue of my position. Many times when I’m going through blocking for a scene it’s very reminiscent of my coaches laying out instructions on how they want the movement of a play to develop...It’s like in your subconscious you start to believe that you’re a step ahead of the rest, and it’s that confidence that shines and distinguishes you from others when you walk into an audition room.

Q - Describe yourself in one word.

A - If I had to describe myself in one word it would be driven.

I’m committed to the vision that I have for my life and believe that there’s nothing impossible if you have robust faith in yourself and in God. I only have one life, that’s motivation enough to wake up each day and work hard to accomplish the goals set before me.