While "The Boss Baby" just defeated "Beauty and the Beast" at the Box Office during its premiere, there are speculations associated with it. Some reviews are saying that it features a baby version of Donald Trump.

However, the film's director, Tom McGrath doesn't agree with the reviews. He said that the similarities are not intentional and that it is not an infant Donald Trump.

Similarities of the Boss Baby and Trump

One reason why the character reminds people of Trump is that Alec Baldwin voices it. It is noted that Baldwin is also known for his impressions of Trump in the "Saturday Night Live" show.

As a matter of fact, he is dubbed as the top Trump impersonator on SNL.

The suit-wearing baby is also known for his line, "You're fired" which is a trademark phrase that Trump usually say on his show, "Celebrity Apprentice." But McGrath clarified that it is not the case.

"It's based on an immature, sometimes greedy businessman, so if people want to draw their own conclusions about that ... but no, it really wasn't [based on Mr. Trump]," said McGrath.

The animation of "The Boss Baby" was already completed before Trump runs as a contender for president. The film is based on a children's book written by Marla Frazee. The story of the movie was already written back in 2012.

Hence, the movie is not about him after all.

The similarities between POTUS and The Boss Baby just happened by coincidence. McGrath also added that the comparison could either be a "gift or a nightmare" while Frazee said that the "echoes are unbelievable."

The plot

"The Boss Baby" is about a baby who is on a mission. The story begins with a seven-year-old boy named Tim and his family who welcome the arrival of the unusual baby.

He arrived in Tim's home in a taxi wearing a suit and carrying a suitcase.

At first, Tim is not happy to have the baby around, but when he discovers that Boss Baby is a spy, things became fun and adventurous. The Boss Baby is actually on a secret mission, and his target are puppies because he believes that the lack of affection towards babies is due to the existence of puppies.