“The Blacklist” Season 4 is now back with a two-hour episode on Thursday. Aside from knowing who really is sabotaging Red (James Spader), a very shocking backstory is also revealed.

Although it seems that Dember (Hisham Tawfiq) is the one who has been dismantling Red, it is surprisingly Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert). A lot has been revealed about the character of the 69-year-old star.

The little Liz

Apart from being his cleaner, Kaplan was also the one who takes good care of Masha or Liz Keen (Megan Boone) when she was still young. She also worked for Katarina Rostova (Lotte Verbeek), but was later found out as a Russian spy.

Through a flashback, it was seen that Katarina had a relationship with the young Red, who abducted the little Liz believing it was his daughter. The role of the 34-year-old Dutch actress, fortunately, managed to get the kid back after the house fire.

However, as she was being chased by the KGB and U.S. Intelligence, she had to abandon her child to Kaplan and give to Liz’s future adoptive father Sam. As the kid’s life has been in danger, Red asked for his cleaner’s help to protect her. In which, she promised to put her first in everything she does, thus she even helped her to fake her death in the previous season.

Show’s future with Kaplan’s return

Moreover, in an interview with “The Blacklist” season 4’s executive producer Jon Bokenkamp with Entertainment Weekly, he talked about the show’s future.

When asked if Liz will know her real connection with Kaplan, he revealed that he thinks that it will happen. Hence, he was questioned about what their reunion would be like.

He explained that aside from her connection to Liz, she also holds the truth about her purpose to Red and the veracity can be very damaging for her. Therefore, she will soon find out her real ties with her, but there will be a great danger knowing that she knows Red’s dirtiest secrets.

Thus, there might be a war happening between the two. Kaplan might do her best to bring Red down and push him away from Liz’s life. Fans will see the criminal mastermind in a brutal fight like they have never seen him before. This is going to be catastrophic and there will be casualties.

Meanwhile, as Red believed that she is Liz’s real father, the show’s season finale will reveal the truth why he came to her life. “Yes, issues of paternity will come back by the end of the season and we will land on an answer,” he added. "The Blacklist" Season 4 airs every Thursday on NBC.