Actress Teri Garr's health continues on the downhill slope for the once bubbly blonde-haired beauty. At age 69, the "Tootsie," and "Mr. Mom" star is now a mere shell of her former self as she continues to battle Multiple Sclerosis.

'Tootsie' star Teri Garr's health declines, friends' concern grows

Teri Garr was spotted out last week in Los Angeles, confined to a wheelchair as her caregiver took the ailing actress out for pizza. Terri, slouched and somber-looking, appeared as if she had no interest at all in the outing. Radar Online reports speaking to a source close to Garr's situation who stated, “It’s so tragic to see Teri this way.

She was once one of America’s top funny ladies, but now the laughter is virtually gone from her life.”

Garr suffering from memory loss

Teri first began experiencing symptoms from the crippling disease in 1983 after the actress began to experience an odd tingling in her foot while jogging in Central Park. The pain quickly worsened and became unbearable for Terri. In 1999, Terri's doctors finally diagnosed the actress with Multiple Sclerosis. The disease has ravaged Garr's body and she was finally forced to retire from acting in 2007.

Today Terri is unable to walk more than a few feet while using a cane, she suffers from extreme fatigue and memory loss on occasion. It is a sad situation, and unfortunately, at this time there is no cure or known cause for the disease.

However, there are numerous medications which have proven helpful in managing the disease.

Sadly, Terri Garr's friends are growing very concerned for the actress, fearing that Terri is giving up and may be entering her final days. Garr is credited with her first speaking role in the 1968 Monkee's film "Head" which was directed by actor Jack Nicholson.

Terri can also be spotted in a number of Elvis Presley films as a backup dancer. But, her real break came in 1974 when Teri was cast as Inga in the Mel Brooks pop culture classic "Young Frankenstein."

Teri has not acted in films or television since 2007, though she did publicly appear at the 19th Annual Race to Erase MS (multiple sclerosis) event in 2012. Fans continue to support Teri with prayers, wishing her the best as she continues to bravely battle MS.