Alright, "Grey's Anatomy" peeps. It's time to go over these new, official spoiler teasers for your favorite show. Or I should say this spoiler teaser as ABC only gave us one, this time, for the upcoming episode 20 of season 13. It turns out that they're really going to try to push this Meredith and Nathan situation forward by putting them in a situation where they must confront what they've been feeling for each other, and more.

It's "In The Air Tonight"

As always, they also told us what this installment has been titled. It turns out that the showrunners decided to name it: "In The Air Tonight." They started off their official plot summary by putting in , all-caps, that we're going to see Meredith and Nathan, definitely confront their lingering feelings that they have formed for each other.

Since they did point this out in all capital letters, it appears that this storyline will get a lot of attention, especially since they don't mention any other storylines in this description.

Stuck on a flight

Anyways, they went on to elaborate with a few more details about what's going to take place during this little Meredith and Nathan confrontation. It turns out that these two will end up taking a plane flight to somewhere they didn't mention. And somehow, someway, they are going to get stuck having to sit next to each other for the entire flight. This awkward situation will ,indeed, lead to them eventually having to talk things out about how they feel about each other.

Will this be a very productive chat?

Or will this conversation head downhill at some point? Also, where in the hell are they flying to? That's just a few questions for this intriguing storyline. The one thing that we can be sure of, is that we should get some interesting drama scenes out of it. This episode was written by Stacy McKee, and Chandra Wilson handled the directorial duties for it.

Alright guys. That's actually all that ABC revealed for this press release. However, we're about 99.9 percent sure that this thing is definitely going to feature more characters in action. I mean, I can't imagine it's just entirely about Meredith and Nathan, but who knows? What we do know, is that we're expecting ABC to drop a new preview/spoiler clip after episode 19 wraps up, tonight, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

It will definitely reveal some extra details about what's going down in episode 20, which we can also confirm is set to air next Thursday night, April 13th,2017 at 8pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.