Many people were shocked and disappointed when Tamron Hall left NBC and MSNBC in January this year. Tamron knew her fans are missing her. Therefore, she gives periodic updates. Her latest posts on her Instagram page let everybody know she is taking the time to do what is making her happy. According to Praise 104.7, Tamron is living it up and being "unbossed and unbothered."

Hall was recently included in the 2017 "People's World's Most Beautiful" issue. She was honored to be labeled under the "Role Model" section.

Tamron Hall's photos

There are lots of photos on social media of Tamron with celebrities she has connected with since she has is having more free time.

She has gone on vacation to New Orleans. She recently interviewed fashion journalist André Leon Talley and socialized with others such as record producer Quincy Jones. The 46-year-old former host didn't go home and feel sorry for herself after she gave up her job on the "Today" show and her job as a journalist on MSNBC. She was offered a multi-million dollar contract to stay with the network, but she refused to stay.

She left over the change that will take place this fall when NBC makes room for Megyn Kelly. Hall and Al Roker hosted "Today's Take" during the third hour of the "Today" show. She also hosted "MSNBC Live," an hour of news at 11 a.m. each weekday. Tamron allegedly felt insulted that she was being overlooked after being with the network for many years.

Besides, she had helped to bring in high ratings. She was told about the change just moments before going on the air at MSNBC.

Hall's fashions

Many people are talking about Hall's public appearances and her fashions since she left NBC. She has been seen in some of the most elegant outfits causing someone to remark that she might be out of a job, but she is not out of fashion.

Who knew that Tamron had such an interest in fashions when she was sitting behind a News Desk? Perhaps her new job will be one related in some way to fashion. In the meantime, the former co-host of the "Today" show is enjoying dressing up and spending time with her friends in high places.

After leaving both jobs at NBC, one of the first things that Tamron did was to empty out her closet and donate her clothes and shoes to Housing Work, a charitable organization.

She got rid of her work clothes which were fashionable, but it was her way to break from the old to make room for the new. Since then, Hall has been seen around town wearing some fashionable outfits. It is safe to assume that Hall's next job will have something to do with fashion rather than with news.