The person that was in charge of making "The Expendables" decided it is time to put a stop and walk away. Sylvester Stallone left the whole team on their own, making them decide what's best for them. The new movie will be different without him, but maybe it can still be good and entertaining.

Did the famous actor get tired of the whole "The Expendables" theme or maybe even fame? Or is there something else out there that we just can't quite reach right now?

Sylvester Stallone is afraid for the success of the movie

Stallone was offered $20 million to take care of the team for the final screen adventure, but it seems that he did not really find himself in that.

The main reason for this storm is that this famous actor and the production company Nu Image/ Millennium could not come to an agreement for the screenplay of the movie.

It is not yet explained of how they are going to present the disappearance of Stallone's character Barney Ross. Fans are assuming the movie will go forward and that story will not mention Barney or anything related to him. However, this could be a problem for the fans as everyone enjoyed Stallone's role in the movies.

This famous actor stated that he is a little afraid of the success of "The Expendables 4" and that's the reason why he ''packed'' all his guns and knives and headed to another direction.

'I don't think it's over; it is not dead.'

Avi Lerner, the movie producer, stated that there had been a few setbacks in the arrangement with Sylvester Stallone, but that he believes that the legendary actor won't turn his back on them. He mentioned that this was not the first time they had their disagreements and certainly not the last.

Lerner says that this is nothing that can't be solved in a comfortable armchair with a few quality cigars.

"We agreed on 95% of things, but there are certain things in production we don’t agree on. In my opinion, it’s not dead,” Stallone said. We hope that the whole team will find a golden mean and sweep us off our feet with the new "Expendables"!