Survivor: Game Changers” fan favorite, Ozzie Lusth has been voted out by his fellow cast mates. The star of four separate seasons of “Survivor” spoke out as to why he believes he was voted out of CBS's long-running reality show. His reason can be summed up in one word – fear.

Ozzie Lusth believes his fellow cast mates were afraid he would go on one of his famous immunity-winning runs. This appears to be the reason. He is famous in the world of "Survivor" for winning back-to-back immunity challenges.

A physical threat

Fans of “Survivor” may very well agree with him.

Ozzie Lusth is a physical threat to everyone in the game. This has been repeatedly proven in his previous seasons on the reality television show.

Not only is he a physical threat, Ozzie Lusth is also quite the social player and an outstanding provider. He has always been well-liked by the others. He works hard around the camp and is rarely involved in the drama that appears to plague many of the “Survivor” players. Ozzie Lusth has proven himself a provider by doing more than his share of bring food into the camps. He was not shy this season about pointing out his fishing abilities.

Ozzie's past

Ozzie Lusth also blames his past “Survivor” success for his current downfall. Winning back-to-back immunity challenges takes more than luck.

He is truly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the physical challenges they are all faced with winning.

Ozzie fans won't be without their fix. He will still be seen on the remainder of the series. He is now a member of the jury and will be able to vote on who he believes should win “Survivor: Game Changers.”

Debbie targeted Ozzie out of fear

The plan to vote out Ozzie Lusth was the brain child of Debbie.

She felt threatened by his physicality and wanted him gone. Cirie Fields wanted to vote out Zeke Smith, the recently-outed transgender member of the tribe. Despite adoring Ozzie, Hali Ford cast the vote which put the tribe's biggest threat on the jury. Seeing he was voted out, Debbie was able to rally her cast mates into voting the way she wanted them to vote.

What do you think? Was Ozzie voted out because everyone was afraid he'd win back-to-back immunity challenges as he has in the past? Now that Sandra, The Queen, is gone, who has the most power? Is that Debbie or Cirie? Do you think Brad Culpepper is the true leader of the tribe and is just quiet about it? Let us know what you think and post your comments in the comment section below.